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Now that I’m teaching my 13 year old step daughter how to cook, I find myself subconsciously doing little things. It wasn’t until she asked “Why are you doing that?” for the hundredth time that I realized many people might not know them. I’ve picked up a lot of tricks (hacks) from working at various restaurants, life, and of course Mom. Emily has picked up a lot from studying, reading, trial and error, raising a family… Below are some of Sisters Know Best Food Hacks. We’ll keep adding to the list as we remember more and hope they will add to your life!

  • B Gone Bitter Cucumbers: Have you ever taken a bite in to a delicious looking cucumber and found it bitter? Never again! Simply cut off each end of the cucumber before peeling it and rub the cut piece on the end of the cucumber. You’ll see it “foam” on the end as it removes the bitter. Prevent bitter cucumber
  • NO Green Eggs and Ham: We’ve all had those stubborn egg shells. Not anymore! Use a splash of vinegar in the water while boiling, promptly go from boiling to cold water and then peel. Guarantee the shell is going to slide right off! There’s some scientific reason for this, but in my kitchen all I need is the proof. It’s there!
  • Never Stick Potatoes: Add a dash of salt to your boiling potatoes and never have them stuck to the bottom of your pan again.
  • Double That on the Mac: Same goes for macaroni, all pasta actually. Dash of salt to the boiling water and it won’t stick to the pan or each other.
  • Wooden Spoon Stopper: Ever have your potatoes or pasta boil over? The smell is horrible and it’s a pain to clean. Just place a wooden spoon across the top and it will never boil over again. The spoon breaks the bubbles as they reach the top!

Wooden spoon food hack

Do you have a favorite food hack that will simplify our cooking experience? We want to hear them!

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