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Resources We Use

As much as we love to travel and explore, money doesn’t grow on trees. Here are some ways we wander on a budget!

eBates – eBates is my new FAVORITE resource! Before I head off to any of my other resources, I start at eBates. You can access thousands of stores to do your normal shopping and when you go through eBates, you earn a % back. We usually save $200 a year by using eBates!

SkyRoam – We work while we travel and we NEED a reliable connection. SkyRoam is our personal hotspot that is offered in over 100 countries at reasonable prices so we can keep working and enjoying life! Use Skyroam Coupon Code: WaywardWanderers and get $10 off your purchase when you go through this link:

Bluehost– Website Hosting – I use Bluehost for all my websites and blogs! Affordable rates and excellent support!

Google Maps – There are so many map apps out there. Bill likes the one that comes with the Apple phone and I prefer Google Maps. To me, Google Maps is the friendly one…

Living Social – Deals your family will love at – Meals, hotels, attractions all at a discount!

Groupon – More of the same! I like Groupon better for getaways because you can select the dates at time of purchase.

CityPASS – It’s the ONLY way to explore the main attractions! Up to 50% Off combined prices for admission to the best attractions. & Home are two awesome places to look for vacation rentals. They are rented out by the owner on this site so prices are very reasonable. – We use coupons in our every day life. It makes our dollar go further and gives us more of them for traveling!

StudioPress – They offer the best themes for blogging with awesome support!

Dunkin’ Donuts – – Our all time favorite and NECESSARY resource. We use the app to locate coffee, discounts, and FREE coffee!

Fandango – We always use Fandango to get the best deal on movies in the area.

Sam’s Club – our newest way to find awesome discounts on travel. Not only do we find huge savings we earn points toward future trips.

Amazon – Free shipping, discounted items and affordable entertainment (with Prime).

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