Tips and Tricks for the Get Healthy Challenge

Tips and Tricks to Get Healthy Challenge

We are not experts. Not all of our tips and tricks will be useful to you. Some you will already know. Some will change your world. We hope they offer some assistance to you during your Get Healthy Challenge. If you have any to add, please comment and we will add them to this post. It’s to help all of us and we look forward to this journey with you! For all posts related to this, please visit our search: Get Healthy New Year Challenge Tips and Tricks to Get Healthy Challenge

Baked Potatoes. We’ve all heard it’s not the potato that is unhealthy but what you put on it. I save hundreds of calories and add extra vegetables to my diet by using salsa. No butter, no sour cream, no salt- SALSA. ~ Christina’s thoughts.

Nutritional Yeast. Sprinkle some of this on your popcorn or other foods for a saltier but healthier way to jazz up your food!

Apple Sauce. Replace the oil with applesauce. They say unsweetened but if all you have is sweetened, it’s still better. Trust me, you won’t lose flavor from this substitute.

Water consumption. I bought a 24 ounce Under Armour Tritan Bottle over the summer and I love it! It has clasp on the top so I’m not spilling my water, has a hook to carry it around and it’s dishwasher safe. I know if I drink three of them a day, I’ve got my water in. Sometimes I chug my water to make sure I get it. Some say it’s  a waste because I just pee right back out. I say at least it’s going in me where if I didn’t chug it, it wouldn’t. ~Christina’s thoughts.

Buy yourself a new water bottle.  I had a yellow water bottle for years that held 20 ounces of water.  This container wasn’t large enough when I was out for the day.  It also had a large opening which made it difficult to drink on bumpy back roads in Maine.  I now have a Camelbak Chute 32 ounce bottle.  Two of these, and I have my goal of water for the day.  Somehow it seems easier to drink two bottles than three.  Psychology I guess.  Put your water bottle by your cell phone.  I guarantee you’ll remember your phone when you leave home prompting the water bottle to go right along with you! Camelbak Water Bottle

Oh, one more thing about water bottles – buy BPA free or stainless.  They’re safe where some plastic bottles leach nasty things into your water. ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Think ahead.  On days away from home, I pack my own lunch.  It’s pretty quick to make a huge dinner salad so you’ll have leftovers for the next day.  It’ll still be fresh.  I also find if you dress the salad with less dressing, it will disperse by lunchtime so you’re using less without losing flavor.  ~ Emily’s thoughts.

I have a resealable bag of almonds in the console of my vehicle.  Almonds are the healthy nut and can get you through a hunger pang while traveling.  DON’T buy the chips! ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Eating out.  Restaurants always have healthy options.  Treat yourself, but don’t overdo.  An example:  have the steamed veggies, but splurge on the dessert OR get the pasta, but skip the dessert. ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Enlist a friend.  I have a neighbor that encourages me with my online course.  This is important to me, to my mind, to my health.  She is also taking a course that I have interest in, but it’s not something I can take on.  By encouraging each other, we both win!   This Get Healthy Challenge is similar.  We’re enlisting all of you to encourage us while we encourage you!  ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Play the game.  To make sure I’m drinking enough water, I tell myself I have to have one bottle (32 oz.) consumed by lunch and the last one consumed before 5 p.m.  If you have children, let them know your goals.  Trust me.  They’ll hold you accountable!  Make little goals, but don’t beat yourself up if they aren’t reached.  I call it gentle prodding.  Remember to have fun!  ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Get some new gear.  I bought a new face mask.  No, not for robbing banks, Silly!  It’s cold here in Maine, and my skin chaps easily on my walks.  The point is:  treat yourself!  Not over the top to the point of excess, but maybe some new cushiony socks, headband, stopwatch – whatever will motivate and be useful.  ~ Emily’s thoughts.

Stick to the outside of the grocery store.  The healthy foods (for the most part) are located on the outside aisles of the grocery store.  Veggies, fruits, meats, dairy are all located on the fringes.  Think of the center as the vortex that sucks you in with chips, cookies, candy.  ~ Emily’s thoughts.

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