Get Healthy New Year Challenge

Get Fit New Year Health Challenge

It’s time to get fit! Who is in? We talk about it all the time and I’m sick of talking and ready to start DOING…

Emily: Ok, Christina, I’m calling you out! Here’s a Get Healthy New Year Challenge.  A new year is upon us, and we both have talked about wanting to get healthier.  I figure: we make this public, we’ll HAVE to do it.  Right??  So what do you say?

Christina: Sounds good! I’ve been dragging my feet and my California trip for February is coming up fast. May as well make it public… ugh, but let’s do this!

Get Fit

What we are doing:

Christina leaves on February 13 so starting January 1, 2016 for 6 weeks we are going to keep a diary of sorts here on our blog. Check in with us to see how we are doing, share your stories, get recipes and stay motivated with us!

My (Emily) goals are:

  1. Walk more.  I average 10 miles per week.  I want to do 14 miles per week.
  2. No processed foods.  If it comes in a box or bag, it’s not for me.
  3. Limit sugar.  Honey, pure maple syrup are okay, but NO WHITE SUGAR.
  4. Reduce coffee.  I drink about 3-4 cups per day now.  It’s just crept up on me!!  I’ll replace with chaga.  (Learn more about chaga)

My (Christina) goals are:

  1. Keep walking. I walk 4-5 miles a day but with cold weather it’s decreasing. Get up, get out!
  2. Healthy lunch choices. No fast foods.
  3. Less alcohol.
  4. Portion control.
  5. Healthier night time snacking.

Share with us. What are your goals? What are your thoughts? Stating them for the world to see is dedication and a great first step!


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3 thoughts on “Get Healthy New Year Challenge”

  1. I started an exercise plan about three weeks ago. Because I have health issues I wanted to start slow so have this 15 minutes three times a week work out and love doing it.
    Ok so here it is…
    1. Continue my exercise program
    2. Drink more water
    3. Watch less tv, which activates my snacking mode.
    4. No processed foods (love this one)
    5. No food after 6 pm
    6. Elliptical at least twice a week.
    7. Only one decadent desert a weak

    Ok, I’m in….

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