Challenges to the Get Healthy Challenge

Well, we’ve started the Get Healthy Challenge.  It’s hard to start something new.  It’s especially hard when there are so many “good” things we pass by – the microwave popcorn, the leftover Christmas cakes and pies….

Snow and IceEmily:  The biggest challenge for me is the weather.  I can’t control it, of course; but I made a commitment to walk EVERY day.  Sooooo, when it’s icy, I use my grippers for my shoes.  When it’s blustery, I use my face mask.  When it snows, I wear boots.  And when it rains, I shake my head and go out anyway!snowy road

Food is somewhat of a challenge for me.  I have two teen-aged sons with voracious appetites.  They grab what’s convenient, and they grab it often.  I’m finding the more I psyche myself up for having apple slices with almond butter or celery and carrot sticks, the easier it becomes.  It used to irritate me when they’d eat RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  Putting things into perspective, do I really want to make them sneak food?  No!  So I let them cajole me while inside I know that in 20 years they’ll be on a healthy challenge of their own.  😉muddy roads

Time is another challenge.  Or is it really a challenge?  I mean I have time for what I need to do.  I have time for the necessary things (like dishes, laundry, work).  It’s been fairly easy for the days to slip away and whoa! I haven’t done any yoga – or meditation.  Well, how am I going to work on my spirit if I don’t do yoga and meditation?  Oh, no!  I blew it!  WRONG!  I did not blow anything.  Tomorrow is a new day, and awareness of my time is the beginning to making my time my own.

Christina: My challenge is STARTING. Once I get going, I’m good to go but the actual start. I have a feeling it’s like that for a lot of people. My plan to get up and get going is to place my alarm clock across the room. I’ll be forced to get up and shut it off. Once I’m up it’s that much easier.

Like Emily, time is a challenge. Even writing this blog post is in competition with other tasks I should be doing. Most reading this post are in the same struggle as we are as we handle our daily responsibilities. So what do you do? Do you have suggestions for our group? If so, please write them in the comments below. For me, fitting in walks is easy. Bill and I have built the foundation of our relationship on walks. We walk and talk every day as a way to share and come together. But still it’s hard to get out for two walks or do much more exercise beyond that. That hour commitment is taking me away from… something. But that one hour commitment is one for better health. It’s a commitment to prolong my healthy life. It’s a commitment to clear my head, regroup and start fresh again.

Time is not only a challenge for exercise but in preparation of healthier food choices. It’s easier to order take out at the end of the day. It’s easier to go out for a meal (the hour or more I could have been exercising!). It’s easier but it’s not better. And after I feel sick and full and broke. So what can I do to overcome this challenge of time? What do you do?

This Get Healthy New Year Challenge is not just about Emily and I. It’s about all of us. Let’s do this together!

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