Quick Burn Relief Home Remedies That Work

sunburned shoulders

While we have burn pads on hand at all times these quick home burn remedies seem to help us just as much. We’ve all had those burns in the kitchen whether from a hot burner or dish, hot peppers, or oil. NOT FUN! A split second and you pay for it for days!  Ouch, we’ve all been there. Next time, try these tricks to relieve burn symptoms.

How to get burn relief from hot dish or burner

Take aluminum foil and wrap it around the burn with the shiny side down against your skin. It may sting for a minute but then voila! the burning is gone. Reapply as needed.

Home remedy for burns

How to stop burn symptoms from hot peppers

Ever have burning from hot peppers? Not anymore! Spread peanut butter over the burning areas… ahhh! Dab peanut butter on the burning spots, wait a minute or two until your skin temp starts to melt the peanut butter and then wash it off with some sort of soap that removes grease.

How to relieve burn from hot peppers

Stop burn from oil or grease

Next time you burn yourself from hot oil or grease, reach for flour. It draws out the oil and the coolness of the flour soothes the burn.

Home remedies for oil burn

In addition to burn relief pads and these home remedies above, we also have aloe vera on hand at all times for a quick cure for hand eczema and this can help with sunburns and other burns. We’re always looking for ways to improve our health.  What are some home remedies you’ve tried for burns? Or other hacks?

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