Easter Food Ideas That Will Have Everyone Drooling

Traditional Easter ham dinner. Top down view table scene on a dark wood background. Ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetables, eggs, hot cross buns and carrot cake.

Easter meals take extra planning and preparation to make them special. But the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Here are some of our favorite Easter food ideas to help you create a meal your family will love.  They’ll be talking about these recipes for weeks to come.

Easter Food Sides

They may not be the star of the show, but a great side dish (or two) will make all the difference between a good Easter meal and a great one. Following are a couple of our favorites.

Little Chick Deviled Eggs

We guarantee these eggs will be the hit of your Easter celebration!  Regardless of your guests’ ages, everyone will think these chicks are the cutest.  The best part about this recipe is how easy they are to make.

deviled eggs as little chicks on a green and white striped plate

Pretty, Herby Carrots

Using three different colors of carrots makes this Easter side dish art on a plate. The three-herb blend gives them a delicious flavor. And the best part is, unless you’ve got a relative who’s allergic to carrots, they’re ideal for any diet – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or paleo. This side dish is a no-brainer.  You’ve got to make these carrots as part of your Easter food menu!Easter Carrots Recipe

Spring Peas and Pancetta

Because Easter is also at the start of spring, some green veggies really need to be part of the menu. Creamy and with just the right amount of salt, spring peas and pancetta is the perfect side to celebrate the start of spring and the Easter season.

Easter Food Mains

As the star of your Easter menu, you definitely want your entrée to really impress. We’ve got three options we love and think you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Glazed Ham

If your family is like ours, glazed ham is the traditional Easter food main course. We love this tangerine-glazed ham recipe. The glaze keeps the ham really moist.  Plus, the glaze creates a beautiful crust and makes the ham a a stunning dark orange color. Everyone will ooh and ah when you bring this dish to the table. Glazed Ham for Easter Food

Herb and Garlic Roast Chicken

If poultry is more your style or you’re looking for a second entrée for your Easter meal, herb and garlic roast chicken is the perfect solution. The herbs are a great mix of flavors and would pair well with the carrots above. Because it’s roasted rather than fried, this chicken is extra healthy.

Glazed Lamb

Lamb isn’t as popular as ham or chicken, but for many it’s a traditional Easter food entrée. There’s also some religious significance to serving lamb.  However, if you’re going to serve lamb, what really counts is that it tastes good. We love this honey-curry glazed lamb recipe. This dish has such a pretty color when served.  Plus, the balance of sweet and spicy is perfect!Glazed Lamb for Easter Food

Easter Food Desserts and Snacks

No Easter feast is complete without desserts and snacks for the little ones. These ideas are a lot of fun to make and eat.

Goldfish Carrot Snacks

The Easter meal is usually served later than a typical lunch. Keep your kids from bugging you about their hunger pains (or the adults for that matter) with these totally adorable Goldfish carrot snack bags. Super cute and fun to eat – for kids of any age!

Easter Oreo Cookie Bark

We love how M&Ms come out with pastel colors for Easter and really wanted to use them to make some sort of fun dessert. This Oreo cookie bark puts those awesome M&Ms to great use and gives us a reason to eat Oreos! Oh, yeah!

Peeps and Fruit Kabobs

OMG! Who else thinks Peeps are the best Easter candy EVER? Seriously, that crystal sugar and marshmallow- yum! Add some fruit and they’re a great Easter food dessert – and pretty too. Check out the kabobs and think about what fruit you might use to make your family happy.Easter Peeps

Rice Krispy Nests

Those baby chicks and bunnies need somewhere to sleep and the eggs need a safe place to hatch. That’s where Rice Krispy nests come in. You can use them to create a great Easter scene with Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs. The whole thing would make an awesome edible centerpiece for your table.

We love hearing from our readers! What are some of your favorite Easter foods? If you’re look for other Easter ideas, here are some decorations, DIY baskets, and moreEaster Eggs with Basket

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