Get Healthy Challenge Week Two

Sisters Know Best Get Healthy Challenge

Week one is behind us.  Has it been a Challenge?  How’s everyone feeling?  Have you stuck to your goals?  Let’s share!

These are pictures of us getting our walks in. Snow, rain… ugh, a half hour and it’s behind us for another day!Sisters Know Best Get Healthy Challenge

Emily:  I started Week One feeling excited and raring to go.  When my sons opened the refrigerator, one commented, “Dad, you caved.  Mom won.”   My other son said, “It’s pretty green in there.”  <chuckle, grin, chuckle>  Dad didn’t cave; Mom didn’t win.  We all will win!

The green in my fridge is lots of romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, kale, avocado, celery, cucumbers, apples, cabbage, olives.  Did I mention the romaine lettuce?  Like eight heads of it?  Yeah, we’re eating a ton of salad.  Other than traditional tossed garden salads, I’ve made some slaws with cabbage, apple, and dried (unsweetened) cranberries.  Yum!  Spinach salad with nuts, cranberries (it’s the holidays after all!), feta cheese, apples, and a light dressing was pretty awesome as well.

My water intake has been decent, but I’ve yet to reach my goal of 60 ounces.  If I wasn’t running to the potty all the time, maybe I could consume more.  😉  My caffeine decrease is going great.  I’m drinking about one to one and a half cups a day.  My husband and I are really enjoying the chaga tea.

Walking has been okay.  We’ve had unusual weather.  That’s to be expected as we live in Maine.  I’m hopeful that some of my walking will be snowshoeing soon.  We get snow; it melts.  Please, let’s have winter already!  I do find if we don’t walk in the morning the day will just fly by.  Priorities means first, right?  Yeah, I know.  Morning walks…

Yoga is great, as is meditation.  I’m definitely someone who needs to quiet my mind and slow down.  I’m enjoying these practices very much.

That about sums up week two for me.  Oh, and I know everyone will be wondering – I’m not losing many pounds, but this was never my goal.  I want to be healthy, increase my energy, have a peaceful mind.  I’m getting there.  I hope you are as well.


Christina: My week two has been… okay. We still have items from the holidays and that can be a challenge. People gave us all sorts of gifts including food. I hate to waste anything and UGH, we love it all.

To make a healthy attempt, we used our leftovers in healthier ways this year. Smaller piece of pie, apple crisp with cool whip instead of ice cream… happy that food is long gone!

Normally I make casseroles from leftover ham. I love the creamy gooey mixtures but I know deep down, even homemade, it’s not healthy. This year we ate our ham straight up. We plated it with baked potatoes instead of mashed, and regular vegetables like peas, carrots, or asparagus. One of my big tips for being healthier is how I fix my baked potato. Check out our tips and tricks page.

Water intake is okay. I used to have a job out of the house and had a routine of how to consume my daily water. I’m adjusting still to being at home so I’m not up to the 72 ounces I’m aiming for. I get off to a good start but then get distracted. In the morning I make sure I have a glass of water before anything else. It’s difficult because I don’t enjoy the flavor on an empty stomach but it’s only 8 ounces. I’ve drank more of worse is what I tell myself.

My walking is going great! As always, we walk in the morning 2-3 miles and then after work or on our lunch break we do another 2-3 miles. This is not my problem. I need to start building my muscles up a bit. We have a gym membership and I LOVE my gym… I just need to get to it… Suggestions anyone?


Week 3 is where we are going to get more serious, or at least Christina is. Emily is already there. These first 2 weeks have been the hardest. We had to change our mindset, battle the holidays, and figure out a plan. Week 3 is where it’s all going to come together!

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Well, there you have it. That’s how we are doing on week 2. What about you? Are you reaching your goals? Are you motivated? What’s working? What’s not?

Any suggestions for us on how to give our readers more from this challenge?

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