Fall Leaf Craft – DIY Thanksgiving Fall Leaves Turkey Decoration

Easy DIY Fall Leaf Turkey Decoration

Easy DIY Fall Leaf Turkey DecorationAt Sisters Know Best, we love an easy fall leaf craft.  And, since you all loved the Nicole Duke’s Easy & Free DIY Leaf Rose tutorial, we thought you’d like to keep in theme and try this one! Those fall leaves are still coming down like crazy, and every day we notice gorgeous colors to make crafts with. We found this on Pinterest. We fell in love and think you will too!

Here’s what we did:

DIY Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Fall Leaf Craft Turkey Supplies:

Cardboard for 5-6 circles
Glue – Elmer’s or hot glue
Leaves – around 20
Googly eyes

Note: If you want to preserve your decoration, try preserving the leaves before you start.

Fall Leaf Craft Turkey Directions:

Gather cardboard and cut out 5-6 different sized circles.  Use your kitchen Tupperware and bowls as stencils.
Remove stems from leaves.  Keep two brown colored stems for the legs.
Glue leaves to the upper outer rim of each cardboard piece.
Layer your cardboard pieces on top of each other and staple together.
Glue a large brown leaf on the turkey’s body circle and then either trim off the excess leaf or fold over the edges.
Repeat previous step for the turkey head.
Staple the turkey body to the rest of the circles.
Cut out an orange leaf triangle and find a red leaf for the wattle (red part that comes off the neck of a turkey) and glue in place.
Glue googly eyes in place.

We love using leaves for fall leaf craft projects! They are in abundance and are beautifully unique so no two turkeys will look the same.  We’d love to see pictures of your turkeys on our Facebook page!


It won’t be long until the leaves are gone and the winter season is upon us. Sisters Know Best looks forward to the comforts of indoor projects and yummy comfort foods but will definitely miss fall! Before the season is done, check out our other DIY Projects that involve leaves and other crafts!


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