Easy Campfire Food Your Family Will Love

Campfire food that's fun and healthy!

We love campfire food and camping out during the summer! Check out our Camping Prep List if you are new to camping. It’s great bonding time with the family and there’s really nothing like sleeping under the stars and making memories around the campfire. Fellow campers know that one of the more enjoyable parts of camping (once you’ve set up your tent, of course) is cooking over the campfire. It’s lots of fun, but so often winds up with burnt food or hot dogs lost to the flames. Ugh! Instead of that huge bummer, give these easy campfire food ideas a try! 

friends sitting around the campfire cooking food

Campfire Food: Breakfast 


For some reason, sleeping outside really builds up an appetite. We think it has something to do with fresh air, but we don’t really know. What we do know is that everyone wakes up crazy-hungry and wanting a big breakfast. Day-old granola bars are not going to cut it. We’ve got some fabulous campfire breakfasts your whole family will love. 


This campfire pancake recipe calls for beer, but it’s definitely not required. So if you’ve got young ones along or simply don’t want a brew first thing in the morning, just skip that part.  We had no idea making pancakes over a campfire was even possible! Just make sure you bring your cast-iron skillet.  This is my favorite cast iron and in my opinion, it’s the way to go when making campfire food!

Breakfast Burritos 

campfire food burritos for breakfastWho doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito? Through the magic of tinfoil and an iron skillet, it’s super easy to make campfire breakfast burritos. And it doesn’t take long either! That’s a huge plus when your family wakes up “starving!” 

One-Skillet Breakfast 

At home, we love eggs, ham, and potatoes for a hearty start to a weekend morning. Until we found this recipe for the One-Skillet Breakfast to make it all together, we figured our favorite morning meal was a no go for camping. We can’t believe how great it tastes and nothing ends up overcooked! 

Campfire Food: Lunch 

campfire food beyond hotdogsIn between ghost stories and snoozing in our sleeping bags, we like to hike, play games, and have family sing-alongs. At some point, though, everyone’s hungry again and wants lunch. We used to pull out a package of hot dogs and some metal skewers made for camping and caution everyone not to get burned or drop their dogs in the fire. We’re sure you can guess how that went! Thankfully, we’ve discovered these awesome campfire food lunch recipes instead. 


My daughter LOVES nachos and these are some of the best you will ever have! You don’t need an oven to make these most delicious nachos. We honestly weren’t sure how this would work, but they came out great! Cheesy and gooey just the way nachos should be. Everyone was impressed and they liked this lunch a lot better than those hot dogs AGAIN! 

Chicken and Veggies 

If you’re looking for something a little healthier that will still leave everyone satisfied, these chicken and veggie foil packs are perfect. They’re a nutritious meal all in one easy foil pack. And no cast iron skillet needed. Just use tinfoil and the heat of the campfire to cook up a tasty lunch. Make sure to spring for the heavy-duty tinfoil when camping. 


lasagna recipe for campfireThat’s right, we said lasagna! You will need a Dutch oven, but other than that, there’s nothing to it. It’s almost easier than making lasagna in the oven at home! And it just might taste even better being eaten in the great outdoors.  Everything else does!

Campfire Food: Dinner 

cooking with cast iron on a campfireAfter a full day of hiking, biking, boating, etc., everyone makes their way back to the campsite and they show up ravenous! A big dinner is in order and these tasty campfire food dinner recipes are just the way to satisfy those big appetites. 

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions 

These are great on a bun or as is. However you choose to serve them, sausage, peppers, and onions make a filling end to a day spent enjoying all nature has to offer. 

sausage, peppers and onions
Photo credits: Simply Recipes

Red Beans and Rice 

Vegetarians and carnivores alike will love this red beans and rice recipe. It’s a lot easier to make than you think! Pro tip: bring your spices pre-mixed in a Ziploc bag or Tic Tac box. 

Hot Dogs and Potatoes 

Hot dogs are pretty traditional and sometimes we still want them. Now, we have a better way to make them! And we get to add the carbs my family needs for an active camping trip with potatoes. 

Campfire Food: Dessert 

toasted marshmallowSure, you could make S’mores, but there’s so much more to campfire food desserts. Besides, if your S’mores come out anything like mine, they’re not the best dessert you’ve ever had. 

Campfire Cones 

A twist on S’mores, these campfire cones that are a lot less messy and, we think, a lot more fun to eat. Just make sure you have a safe way to carry in your waffle cones without breaking them. 

Campfire Strawberries 

Wow! We love strawberries in the summer and this is such a great way to enjoy them around the campfire. Plus, you get to practice your marshmallow roasting skills. These campfire strawberries are super fun to make and even better to eat! 

Berry Cobbler 

We had no idea you could make cobbler over a campfire! You’ll need your Dutch oven to do this right, but the results?! It might even be better than a cobbler made in the oven at home. If you’ve got a way to keep it frozen, this is great with some ice cream on the side. 


What other great campfire food meals does your family love? We’re definitely making some of these campfire recipes part of our summer tradition!  Camping is so much fun and a great bonding experience. If you are new to it and need some tips check out our quick camping tips. Also if you are shopping for your camping gear, we find that OurWares.com is a great place to compare camping gear. 




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