Peek-a-Boo Monster Eyes

Monster eyes for Halloween

Monster eyes for HalloweenDIY Monster Eyes – oh, yeah!  I saw this little craft on Pinterest a while ago so we started saving our paper towel and toilet paper roll tubes. It took about 2 minutes to make but is really going to spook those trick or treaters this Halloween! Peek-a-Boo monster eyes are spooky and creepy and easy to make  from recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls and glow sticks. I love this project because we are recycling and can get glow sticks at the dollar store. This project only costs about $1 to make!

Here’s what we did:

Peek-a-Boo eyes for Halloween


You will need:

Paper towel/toilet paper tubes
Glow sticks


Take your paper towel tube and fold in half.
Fold in half again.
Cut a half circle out of the edge of both folded pieces.
Unfold and see your eyes!
Next, activate the glow stick.
Place glow stick inside and fold edges over.
You’re done!

Tip: I prefer using the paper towel rolls because they are longer and any glow stick size will work.

Place these monster eyes outside in the bushes, inside in closets… wherever you can imagine and get ready to freak some people out!

We’d love to hear the reactions of those who see your Peek-a-Boo Monster Eyes! Tell us on Facebook!

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