Fun with Candy Corn DIY Decorations for Halloween

Candy Corn Crafts

Candy Corn CraftsHalloween this year for my house has a candy corn theme going on. I don’t know how it happened but each DIY project I was attracted to was candy corn related. First the Candy Corn Cones and then the Wine Bottle Candy Corn Light and now these easy and tasty candy corn crafts!

These tasty projects made with actual candy corn were a lot of fun. They are great for all ages and if there’s a candy corn that splits, YUM! That works too.

The candy corn bracelet, necklace and garland are all created the same way. EASY!

Here’s what we did:

You will need:

A needle
1 Pound of Candy Corn, unopened
Orange thread, I used 2 strands of DMC cross stitch thread
Warm and moist wash cloth or towel


Thread your needle.
Push your needle through candy corn toward the base.
Pull through and on to the thread.
As you continue, the needle and thread will get gunked up with candy corn. Use the warm wash cloth every so often to clean thread and needle.
When you get to the desired length for a bracelet, necklace, or garland, tie the ends of your thread in a knot.

Tip: Fresh candy corn works the best. I used Brach’s brand. Because we had snacked on it the day before, the bag had been opened so some of the candy corn crumbled easier. I know it’s tough, but keep the bag unopened until the start of your project. If you find them crumbling, try microwaving for 5 seconds to soften them.

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