Fall Foliage Candle Holder Craft

Fall Foliage Candle Holder

Chris and I are so excited about the fall foliage and making crafts with beautiful leaves.  We love to challenge each other to come up with a new project. Fall is the time we feature Nicole Duke’s Leaf Roses.  How can we top that?!!  My project is a fall leaf candle holder using a canning jar, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and leaves.

Fall Foliage Candle Holder

After gathering leaves, place them on paper towels to dry.  Make sure your leaves are dry!  You will be surprised how much moisture leaves have.  You will find it helpful to weight them down.  A heavy cutting board works well.

Maple Leaves

Side note:  I am stuck on using my canning jars!  I love them!  They are durable, functional, and pretty!  Oh, and they are relatively cheap!!

Foliage Candle Holder Supplies

Once the leaves are dry, cover the canning jar with Mod Podge and place the leaves on the tacky surface.  They may not adhere well.  If this happens, try applying more Mod Podge.  The leaves may not be pliable enough or flimsy enough to mold to the round jar.  To hold the leaves in place while drying, wrap parchment paper around the jar and secure with rubber bands.  Next, leave it overnight to dry.

Adding a Bow for "Bling"
Adding a Bow for “Bling”

You may have a “glue” look over the leaves.  It is very pretty when lit at night!  Very pretty!  Finally, consider adding a bow to give the jar some pizazz in the daytime.  Bling!

Foliage Candle Holder
Foliage Candle Holder

If someone comes up with a better idea for attaching leaves to jars, I will love to hear about it.  Possibly if my jar was smooth, it might have worked better…

As an end note, I will say it is kind of funny when your sister calls and tells you she is making a new leaf craft and you say, “Me too!”  Later that night you text to say, “My project isn’t that great,” and she responds, “Mine stinks too.”  You have to laugh at these moments and keep finding new ideas to share!

What new ideas have you been experimenting with?

Take a look at our other Fall Leaf Projects! And as always, do not forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook!

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