Quick & Easy DIY Candy Corn Light for Halloween

Quick and Easy Candy Corn Light

Quick and Easy Candy Corn Light Last night I made a super cool Halloween craft – the candy corn cone craft I’ve been seeing around everywhere.  I thought they were great, but I wanted to brighten it up a bit. With all the excitement of meeting Kathie Lee Gifford over the weekend, I also had wine on my mind. 😉 Also, on my way to work this morning, when I talked to my sister about it, we came up with this quick and easy wine bottle candy corn light. Tonight I worked through it as it was a little bit trickier than the candy corn cones. The smooth surface and shape of the bottle created a little challenge but was well worth it!


Here are the steps for this Halloween Craft Candy Corn Light:


Halloween Craft Candy Corn Light

Halloween Craft Supplies:

Wine Bottle – twist off and empty 🙂 (must be a twist off)
Yarn: yellow, orange and white
Miniature Lights


Halloween Craft Directions:

Keep a 1/4 inch to an inch of the end of yellow yarn in your fingers while you begin to wrap the bottom of the bottle. Once secure, wrap the end of the yarn under and keep going. Wrap until the bottle is covered a little less than a third of the way. Cut yarn and tuck under a couple pieces of yarn.

Next use the orange yarn, holding the beginning end near the yellow while you begin to wrap. Once securely around the bottle, wrap both the yellow and orange ends in to hide them.  Wrap a little over the third of the bottle. Make sure to leave some of the body of the bottle for the white section. When you reach desired length, cut the yarn and tuck like you did with the yellow.

Repeat the beginning process with white yarn. Once the bottle starts to narrow at the top, you will notice the yarn slips. At this point, hold the yarn securely in place with your thumb where at the base and begin to wrap the top of the bottle. The grooves will provide an area for the yarn to catch to avoid slipping. Now, wrap from the bottom down until you reach where you left off. Cut yarn, tuck end under layers of wrapped yarn. Cut the remaining piece off.

Next, take your miniature lights and push them one by one into the bottle. I used a 35 light mini set and was able to fit all of them in to a small wine bottle.

Finally, finish with a candle. You can use a real candle but do NOT light it as the yarn is flamable. I use a battery operated light from the Christmas Tree Shop.  Amazon has these lights as well.

Random Thoughts:

This Halloween Craft was a lot a fun and quick to do. The entire project took about a half hour to complete. Mmmm, it made me crave candy corn though!  If you looking for Halloween food, here’s a great Mummy Meatloaf recipe.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy to eat?

Tip: Hold the bottle upright as you wrap. Keep your arms and yarn out instead of holding close to you. This way the yarn does not get tangled up around the bottle.


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