Our Favorite Summer Salads

Summer Salad Roundup

We love salad recipes any time of year, but we especially love salads in the summer when we can include fresh fruits and veggies from our garden.  There’s nothing quite like home grown produce that you’ve picked yourself. Of course, if you’re in a place where you can’t have a garden, finding a local farmer’s market is the next best thing. Either way, these delicious summer salad recipes will quickly become a favorite in your home. 

Summer Salad Recipes

Tossed Salads 

Sure, you can use your tongs and toss some leafy greens and other veggies in a bowl and get a pretty great side from it, but tossed salads can be so much more!  

Green Salad Recipe Have it Your Way 

That’s not just a slogan for a fast food joint, you can have salad your way too. Include mushrooms and cheese for added protein and vitamins A and D. They also add some different texture and flavors. Works great as a quick and healthy lunch or a side dish.

Fruit, Nuts, and More 

Who says a tossed salad can’t be fun?! This delicious salad starts with traditional salad greens but quickly becomes a festive meal with delightful textures, flavors and colors. Fruits, nuts, even cranberries all get in on the act to make a salad that’s anything but boring. 

Greek Tossed Salad 

If you’re a huge fan of olives, the Greek tossed salad is for you! Tangy feta and salty olives are the perfect addition to greens and tomatoes. Make a small one for a side or go all out and make enough for lunch. Your waistline and your mouth will thank you. 

Pasta Salads 

In our homes, pasta salad is present at just about every picnic, BBQ, or family outing. With eating so much of it, we have to keep it interesting and change up how we make it so no one gets bored. 

Pasta Salad Recipe - Greek Tri-Color Pasta Salad 

That multi-colored pasta is so pretty! And this pasta salad looks gorgeous in a glass bowl and on the plate. Although the recipe calls for meat, you can leave it out if you’re serving vegetarians or vegans. 

Greek Pasta Salad 

This salad recipe is super easy to make and so good everyone will be going back for seconds. You can make it ahead, too. Greek pasta salad is a huge favorite in our homes because we’re big fans of olives and feta.  @

Italian Pasta Salad 

The Italians basically invented pasta, so there’s no way we could make pasta salad without including them. This salad recipe uses two types of cheese plus Italian meats and olives. This is more than a side dish! Italian pasta salad has everything you need for a full, balanced meal. 

Berry Salads 

We LOVE berries. Especially when we get to go berry picking as a family. As much fun as that is, we always come home with way more than we thought we were picking at the time and no clue how we’ll eat them all. That’s when we break out our berry salad recipes. 

SKB Salad Recipes - Berry Salad Basic Berry Salad 

This is great for a quick snack or a last minute “I was supposed to bring something!” dish. The entire recipe is just seven ingredients and almost half of those are berries. Whether you pick your own or buy them from someone else, this berry salad is sure to please. 

Berries, Spinach, and Goat Cheese 

You might see something like this on menus at local restaurants. With fresh berries and few simple ingredients you can make the same thing yourself. So, save yourself the $7.50 and try this recipe instead. 

Four Berry Salad 

The name says it all. Really. Four berries and lots of goodness make up this super easy and delicious berry salad recipe.  It’s so pretty to look at and even better to eat. If you’ve got loads of berries to use, the four berry salad is a great place to start. 

Fruit Salads 

We don’t know about you, but in our homes it’s tough getting anyone to eat fruit if it’s simply available on the counter or in the fridge. Put it in a salad, though, and all of a sudden it’s their new favorite food.  Try out these fruit salad recipes to kick up your fruit presentation.

SKB Fruit Salad Recipe Rainbow Fruit Salad 

Fruits and berries really are nature’s candy and they look so pretty in a bowl with all the colors and shapes catching your eye. That’s one of the best parts about the rainbow fruit salad. The light honey lime dressing is an added bonus.  We LOVE this shaker for making our own dressings.

Huge Fruit Salad 

Fruit salad is great to bring to BBQs and other outings. This huge fruit salad makes enough to keep your family happy and there’s an added surprise to it – no spoilers! You’ll have to make it yourself to find out what it is. 

Creamy Fruit Salad 

We used to think creamy fruit salad was unappealing. When we learned most of them use sour cream as the base, we were super excited when we found this creamy fruit salad recipe that uses Greek yogurt instead. Much sweeter and just as creamy. 

We can’t post about salad recipes without mentioning our salads in Mason jars, our potato salad, or our kale salad recipes!  No excuses. Now get out there and enjoy the summer!

SKB Salad Recipes


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