Fitbit Charge HR: Why We Like It

FitBit HR Charge

The Fitbit Charge HR – What a fun, motivating watch!  Features I love are the step counter, flight counter, sleep quality feature, and the timer.FitBit Charge HR

I was a little dubious about the accuracy of any watch for counting steps and stairs.  It works!  I have measured a loop that I walk daily with other devices, and the Charge HR is spot on with distance.  I’ve played around with taking steps and watched it record them accurately.  Now, don’t get me wrong – one should not be walking while staring at a watch screen, but I had to prove to myself it was recording my steps correctly.  Oh, and you can even measure your stride and record that on the Fitbit app on your smartphone or computer for even more accuracy.  Pretty cool!

Understanding Sleep Patterns with Fitbit Charge HR

I was totally doubtful that the sleep quality feature would be accurate in the slightest.  BUT it is!  Amazing!  And a little creepy possibly??  Nah, the Charge HR determines your sleep because you don’t move your arm when sleeping.  If you are restless and wiggle your arm, it records that.  If you get up in the night for a drink or to use the bathroom, it’ll record that as well.  In the morning you have a nice reading of how your night went.

Using the Fitbit Charge HR for my job

The timer is very useful in my job as a long arm quilter. I am paid by the job, but recently it’s become important for me personally and professionally to track my time and determine how much money I make in an hour. Often I’ll start a project and not remember when I began and hours will go by.  Having the Fitbit (affiliate link in case you want one) has reminded me to start the timer.  I JUST LOVE IT!

The Fitbit Charge HR for Health

The Charge HR will also record calories in and out.  I haven’t used this feature a lot primarily because I don’t record what I eat.  It’s a little tedious to search out how many calories are in what and then enter the item in the Fitbit app, but it could be very useful for someone who isn’t on the go and away from their computer app for most of the day.  I just don’t have the time to sit and enter everything I eat.

The last feature I’ll mention for the Fitbit Charge HR is the heart rate monitor.  It’s fun to see that my heart is beating {LOL}, but it’s not a feature that I use.  You can program what your heart rate is at rest and know how hard you’re working during a workout.  That’d be neat, but my watch isn’t going to be used for those types of workouts.  Well, except for hiking.  Which I’m doing tomorrow.  Guess I’ll check that feature out in more detail.

This Fitbit Charge HR would have been a great tool to have during our Get Healthy New Year Challenge last year. This year, I’ll be even more successful because of it!


Quick summary:  LOVE THE FITBIT CHARGE HR.  It’s a motivator; it’s accurate; and mine’s PURPLE! What could be better???


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