Fall Leaves Rose Video Tutorial

leaves used to make a rose

Leaves.  Rose.  How to combine the two!  As you know, We share things we love – concerts, waterfalls, trips, and anything else that looks interesting to us… BUT Fall has a special place in our hearts… so we are lending our YouTube channel to present our first ever video for Sisters Know Best. If you are looking for the pictures and step by step tutorial, visit Sisters Know Best here. Below is the Fall Leaves Rose video tutorial:

We hope you enjoyed the video to make leaves into a rose.  We look forwarded to seeing your roses on the Sisters Know Best Facebook page! This is a great way to get the entire family involved in a fall project.

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12 thoughts on “Fall Leaves Rose Video Tutorial”

    1. Wonderful idea and use of natural materials! And the finished product can be used in so many ways….seasonal hat, table, wedding decorations, only your imagination is the limit, My only comment would be try to show how to finish the project too. I personally already know about florist tape and how to use it, but some “not-so-crafty” folks might need to be shown. This would be such a great way to get first timers involved in crafts since it is so easy (and mostly free) but the finishing of the product is also important. Otherwise, great first video, just needs a bit more info…… 😉

  1. Little hard to follow at the beginning because of hands being in the way of how leaves are folded and not telling verbally how it is done. Are larger leaves used as you go along????? are each leaf folded the same or differently??? there needed to be a better video to let people see how this is done.

  2. I think your first video was great. That said I am one of those ppl that can make by just seeing it. Many ppl cannot.I make ribbon roses by hand and
    I am going out to find leaves…something i haven’t done in a bzillion years…Thank you…

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