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We love to get outside in the nice weather. Spending time in the woods or near water makes me feel so connected to nature. Every nature walk or beach trip I can’t help but pick up bits of nature that I find interesting. Rocks, shells, moss, acorns, etc. They all wind up in my pockets and then at my house. I can’t bear to part with them, but they also look silly sitting in piles everywhere. I finally got the bright idea to use them to make craft projects!

Birch Bark House

I love how flexible yet strong birch bark is. I’m always picking up pieces of it that the trees have shed (especially when I’m out hunting for Chaga). I decided to make a house using the birch bark and some other treasures from nature. To start, I formed the birch into a house, similar to how you would with a deck of cards to make a card house. Then I used hot glue to hold it together. I used sheets of bark from hardwood trees to make the roof and then used my acorn and moss bits to create a lawn, a chimney, and other features. Super cute! And now I have a place for my clay fairies to live. Check out or blog post about fairy houses!

Birch Bark House by Sisters Know Best


As you may have guessed, I love keeping nature with me all the time. As I was looking at the acorn tops and other bits, I thought I might be able to make a neat necklace or bracelet. I started by soaking the acorn tops in water so they wouldn’t crack. Then I drilled a hole through the center using the smallest drill bit I have. Voila! Acorn top beads! I strung these alternating with wire wrapped stones and beads to create a unique necklace. And I had enough left over to make a bracelet too. I love having something from nature to wear when I can’t be outside.

Do you collect bits of nature too? What do you do with them to preserve and display them?

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