Stone Soup Recipe

Have you ever heard of stone soup?  It is delicious.  Plus, it’s super easy to make.  Our stone soup recipe follows NO rules but comes out fabulous every single time!  And bonus – it works for any size group.  No kidding!

Do you know there’s also a book titled Stone Soup by Marcia Brown (1947)?  It is a favorite in many homes.  While the book shares a recipe, it also teaches moral lessons for all ages.

Seriously.  Make sure you read the book, but a quick summary is a small village struggles to make it through the winter because of meager food supplies.  To help each other survive, everyone gathers and puts what they can into a huge soup pot.  Read the book to learn about the stone!

Soup is a great option for any time of year.  Stone soup is an excellent option for a barbecue!  For other bbq ideas, check out our backyard BBQ post.  We love how soup offers the opportunity to be creative.  Use what you have on hand.  Experiment with spices as well as ingredients.  Change up the protein or mix several proteins such as chicken and sausage.  Guaranteed your soup will be amazing!

black pot of covered stone soup over an open fire

For those who have never made stone soup, we highly recommend inviting several people to bring whatever they want to contribute.  It’s also important to have the right sized pot.  If you choose to cook your soup on an open fire, simply coat the outside of the pot with dish detergent.  When it’s time to clean up, hot water and a little more dish soap is all you need.  We love this ladle for its length and stainless steel construction.

To help get you started and give you ideas, here’s the “recipe” of how our stone soup began.

Stone Soup Recipe

We started with:

  • homemade deer sausage
  • green beans
  • beef bouillion
  • cabbage
  • brown rice, mung beans, and lentils (It’s recommended to soak these before as they will absorb lots of liquid and may make your soup dry.)
  • salt and pepper

Our guests brought the following:

  • onions
  • peppers (green, yellow, orange)
  • celery
  • chicken
  • mushrooms
  • linquica
  • pinto beans
  • carrots
  • chicken sausage

This was an amazing stone soup!

Pro Tip for Stone Soup Recipe

Our ingredients were fully cooked.  Some of our guests brought uncooked meats and veggies.  Make sure you allow time to fully cook everything!  And remember to invite lots of friends!

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