St. Patrick’s Day DIY Craft Roundup

Easy DIY St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

A St. Patrick’s Day craft is the solution to make you smile.  Because before we know it, St. Patrick’s Day is here! We are looking forward to it because it’s that much closer to Spring. So not only do we get to eat delicious Irish foods but we get to decorate the house – one of my favorite things to do!

Here is my St. Patrick’s Day DIY Craft Roundup for this year. Enjoy!

Pot of Gold.

This simple and fun idea is from Plaid Online. What a clever use of a terracotta plant pot and rocks!  Come to think of it, this idea would work for Easter as well.  Paint the rocks to resemble eggs.  Easy.  Cute.  Reusable!  Love this!  Another option is a gift for someone.  Exactly how many different items can you put in a terracotta pot anyway?

Easy DIY St Patrick's Day Pot of GoldFabric Shamrock.

BobbityBoo has an easy to follow tutorial to create this fabric shamrock!  Again, we love this St. Patrick’s Day craft because it’s reusable.  Plus, you can use different fabrics to create themed flowers.  How about cute lacey white flowers for a wedding flower girl?  Of course, you would need to make four or five of the heart shapes.  This will change the shape from a shamrock to a flower easily!  Oooh!  Wait!  Make a bunch of those flowers for an arrangement.

Fabric Shamrock

Beyond the St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Whatever you choose, make your crafts with care.  By care, we mean to enjoy your DIY!  Share your craft with someone.  Make a project with someone.  You get the idea, right?  Whether it’s a St. Patrick’s Day craft or not, this is for you.  Me time is the best time!

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