Our Top 9 Protein Shake Recipes

Protein shakes are super popular in our house. We love that making a protein shake is a fast, tasty way to get loads of nutrition without a lot of prep work or clean up. We’ve got loads of amazing protein shake recipes on the site and I’m often asked what ones we like the best. Well, here you go! Our top 9 protein shake recipes all in one spot. Just for you!

Our site also offers shake recipes using Visalus powder. Yummy! If you’re new to making shakes, you’ll want to check out our review for the Magic Bullet.  We LOVE this kitchen tool.  We know you will as well.

Our Top 9 Protein Shake Recipes

Apple Pie Protein Shake Recipe

Apple picking is one of our favorite fall activities. We have so much fun spending family time in the crisp fall air. We always pick WAY more than we realize and then wind up with more apples than we could ever eat. And so, the apple pie protein shake recipe was born! Definitely one of our favorites – regardless of the season!

Carrot Cake Shake

Carrots are great for skin, nails, and hair; but they’re not always fun to eat by themselves. At SKB Recipes, we decided to make our carrots more exciting by creating a carrot cake shake recipe. It’s on our top 9 protein shake recipes list because it tastes like real carrot cake and because who doesn’t LOVE carrot cake?

Banana Split Protein Shake

I just love dessert. Especially ice cream! But eating it doesn’t help me stick to my healthy eating plan or meet my weight loss goals. On those nights when I can’t take the craving, this banana split protein shake takes the edge off without screwing up my healthy eating for the day. Of course, it made our top 9 protein shakes recipes list.

Strawberry Banana Protein Shake

This protein shake recipe is popular with everyone in the house. Too bad for them I won’t share! I love the bright flavor and cheerful pink color. Plus, it’s sweet enough to satisfy my desire for sugar without totally killing my diet for the day.

Butterfinger Shake

OMG! I love Butterfinger candy! However, scarfing them like a kid on Halloween isn’t going to get me back in my skinny jeans. Instead, I enjoy a Butterfinger protein shake. Obviously, it needed to be on our top 9 list because…well…because Butterfingers! Just one word for that: yum!

Almond Joy Shake

Are you seeing the trend here? Sweet, candy goodness in the form of a healthy protein shake. Our Almond Joy shake recipe is no different. It’s completely satisfying for the part of me that wants a candy bar (I don’t care if it is only breakfast time!) yet healthy enough that I won’t feel guilty later. Talk about a win-win!

Funky Monkey Shake

Maybe I should’ve put this one first…but the top 9 protein shake recipes list isn’t in any particular order, so I guess it’s okay. Two of my most favorite flavors are banana and peanut butter and Funky Monkey shake combines them into one amazing glass of goodness. Through in some chocolate protein powder…be right back…my mouth is watering. Isn’t yours?

Alright.  So these next couple aren’t technically protein shakes, but they use protein powder and they’re almost as easy as protein shakes…and just as healthy, so roll with it, k? J

Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Normally you’d think of pancakes as a big carb hit that would leave you feeling both hungry and guilty for blowing your diet in just a few hours. Not so with these blueberry protein pancakes. With just four nutrition packed ingredients these are easy to make and even easier to eat. They’re one of my favorites because they bring back a lot of childhood memories, too.

Berry Granola Parfait

This is so easy to make the night before as a healthy breakfast or keep ready as a snack or healthy dessert option. The berry granola parfait is as easy to whip up as shake and it looks so pretty when it’s done you may even want to make enough to share with guests…or maybe you’ll just want to keep them all for yourself.

Protein shakes are super easy and a delicious way to keep on track with your diet while fulfilling some cravings. Our protein shakes leave you feeling full and satisfied without any guilt about messing up your diet. Let us know which one(s) you prefer!

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