DIY Shotgun Cartridge Wreath (You Might Be a Redneck If…)

Burlap and Shotgun Shell Wreath

… you make a shotgun cartridge wreath and centerpiece for the holidays!  Or maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to waste things.  Any things.  Like used shotgun cartridges.  Here’s a couple of easy crafts to repurpose empty shotgun cartridges. (See our other DIY repurpose projects) Shotgun Shell Wreath

Shotgun Cartridge Wreath

My family hunts.  Hunts ethically.  We love the meat.  We respect the earth.  We’re grateful.  So when someone fires a shot, they pick up the empty cartridge.  Here’s a perfect solution for what to do to recycle those cartridges!  And, honestly, what outdoorsy guy would not love this decoration?

First things first – do NOT use live ammo.  I attached these cartridges with a hot glue gun.  Heat and ammunition are not a good mix – ever!

starting point I used a wire wreath that had pinecones pushed into the wires.  These make a great base.  Next I gathered some boughs and laid them on top of the pinecones. adding boughs

Some of the boughs would not lay flat.  To remedy this problem, I used wire ties to secure them.

wreath pressing shells After the boughs cover the pinecones in a pleasing fashion, it’s time to glue on the used shotgun cartridges.  I chose to keep all my gold ends going in the same direction.  You could mix it up if you like that look.

shogun wreath 2 Some areas looked sparse so I chose to add more shotgun cartridges.  Notice I had a few black cartridges and one green cartridge and included those as well.  I think all green cartridges with a few red would make a wreath look like it had red berries.  My guys use primarily red caartridges, but if someone does do this I’d love to see how it came out.  Please post pictures!

I love the look of this hanging beside our door.  Can’t wait for the guys of the house to see it!

Burlap and Shotgun Cartridge Centerpiece

Burlap and Shotgun Shell WreathHere’s another shotgun cartridge idea.  A burlap centerpiece!  A friend made the wreath, and I added a few shotgun cartridges and a candle to the center.  What do you think?

Below are some pictures taken while I auditioned shotgun cartridges for the centerpiece.  I thought of a cluster of cartridges, but I really like them “exploding out from the center.

burlap shotgun centerpiece 2 Here’s a picture of the centerpiece unlit.  I’m pretty psyched about how it turned out.

Burlap Shotgun Shell Centerpiece

The shotgun cartridge wreath is surely one to add to our list of Top DIY Wreaths.  What do you think? Would the hunter in your life like one of these?


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