Winter Crafts Ideas

Winter Kids Craft Ideas

Don’t let boredom get you – make some winter crafts!  Being cooped up with the snow is pretty tough, especially for kids. The more cabin fever they get, the crazier they start to act. When all the usual indoor entertainment ideas have gotten boring, what’s a parent to do? Easy! Bring out the winter crafts! We love these fun ideas you can do with your kids.

Flour Snowflakes Winter Craft

Grab some flour and dish soap. Mix it in a squirt bottle and let your kids go to town make fabulous snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter designs. Toss them in the microwave and watch them get puffy! Adding food coloring to some of the mix will really make their designs outstanding.  Get the full recipe from Your kids will spend hours entertaining themselves with this fun and easy winter craft.

DIY puffy paint
Photo & Idea Credit: Inner Child Fun

Indoor Snowmen Winter Craft

When it’s too cold to go out and build a snowman in the yard, this adorable indoor snowman idea will have your kids laughing and smiling. All you need is a couple of pompoms and some embellishment details like pipe cleaners, eyes, and sequins. If you can’t get twigs from the yard, try using stems from vegetables or pieces of spaghetti to make the arms. Get the full list of supplies and directions.

Of course, if you get outside to build a real snowman, we’ve got a really cool idea how to make yours stand out from the rest. Check it out!

Finger Knit Scarf Winter Craft

No needles required to keep your kids busy for hours. Making a quick trip to the craft store for some chunky yarn might be needed. Bring your kids so they can pick their favorite colors. To make this scarf, they’ll need three colors. The rest is just fingers and time. Get the whole scoop, including instructions, on how to finger knit here.

Hand Puppets Winter Craft

One of our personal childhood favorites and a great way to use those socks whose mates were stolen by the laundry monster is making hand puppets. All your kids need are some fabric markers and any other accessories they choose to make a face and any other details they’re inspired to do. Give them the socks and supplies and encourage them to get creative making characters. When they’re done, you can put on a puppet show with them!  This would be a great winter craft to do during play dates!

Stay warm and sane this winter. We hope these winter craft ideas for kids help you do just that!

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