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Snowman Skillet Party Dip for Winter Party Foods

Snowman Skillet Party Dip

Snowman skillet party dip is a really quick and fun way to add a touch of winter to your food. This snowman is the cutest and tastiest! I made this food for a New Year’s Eve party but it could be made for any winter party. Snowman Skillet Party Dip

At our New Year’s Eve party, the menu focused on finger foods.  One of our friends loves snowmen.  I saw this recipe idea and knew it had to audition at the party.  It was fun to make, and everyone thought it was the “cutest” food!

The original recipe for Snowman Skillet calls for frozen French bread dough.  I make my own bread and used a simple bread dough recipe.  After the dough had risen and rested 10 minutes after punching down, I pinched off little pieces and made snowballs to place around the edge of the skillet.  I used cast iron (my favorite!) which had been oiled with olive oil.  Next I let the snowballs rise for about 30-40 minutes.  I had leftover dough and made a loaf of bread for toasting at breakfast the next day.  Our guests loved that as well!

Snowballs for snowman skillet party dip

After the snowballs rose, I made a chicken dip for the center.

Winter Party Food Dip Recipe:

  • chicken ground up (approximately 1 cup)
  • block of softened cream cheese
  • 1 cup of mayo
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • Dash of Worcestershire sauce

My chicken dip recipe wasn’t as precise as it is listed above but this is my educated estimate.

You could use whatever kind of white meat you wanted for the dip – tuna, turkey?  I even considered making a dirty snowman and using sausage.  Then I decided that would hide his or her cute little face! But you could add a thick layer of white cheese to cover the “dirty” part of the snowman.  Maybe?  Yeah.  Maybe.

Finally, I cut up Kalamata olives for the eyes and mouth and slivered off a piece of carrot for his nose.

Add the carrot after you’ve baked the snowman or it’ll shrivel up some and he’ll look like his nose is dirty.

Bake the Snowman Skillet Party Dip 25-30 minutes at 375º.

Get Your Winter Party Food Hopping!

To sum up, what an easy, festive recipe!  And it tasted SOOO yummy!  Hit of the party, for sure!

Winter themed party idea: You could line the walk to your front door with Snowmen decorated for the party.  Here’s a fun glow in the dark snowman I did.

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