Garden Gate Collection

Garden Gate Collection

This garden gate collection was created because my garden needs a gate.  This past summer we used sawhorses to keep out deer and moose.  Prior to that I did have a gate that we had made from branches.  It was pretty cool and worked, but it rotted.  I can’t do another summer with sawhorses for a gate.  Ok.  I can, but I don’t want to.Garden Gate CollectionI live in the woods and want a gate preferably that we make.  I love the twig and branch gates.

arbor and twigsMy grapes could grow nicely up this arbor, but I think this gate is a little too uniform for my tastes.  I want my gate to look a little wild – kinda like my garden!


Fence with gate and arborThis fence looks very similar to my garden’s fence, and the arbor is high like mine as well.  The gate is too uniform still.  This comes from Two Men and a Little Farm.


Twig gateNow this is cool!  I really think I could do this, but it would have to be on a much larger scale.  I saw this on my house in Africa blog.


Door gateUsing an old door by Hometalk is a cool idea as well.  I would need to have two doors though.  My gate needs to be wide enough for the tractor to fit through for rototilling.  I love the window box with flowers!  Or is this called a door box?  LOL!


Headboard gateI never would have thought of using a headboard for a gate!  This idea might work because of the width of my opening.  Where to find an iron headboard?


Fence post fenceThis looks like an easy idea by Lonny.  I think you can purchase sections of fencing at a hardware store.  I’ll keep this in mind.


Tool gatePossibly the coolest idea yet from Dukes and Duchesses!  Using tools for a gate!  Maybe I can incorporate tools with twigs!  Lots of old tools kicking around in my shed.  This is it!  I’ll post pictures when it’s up and functioning!


Which one do you like best?

Do you have other suggestions?

I’d love to see them! Share your garden gates on Facebook with us!

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