DIY Clothespin Bag

bag4We are having a great response from the post on our Facebook page about a Clothespin Bag!  So we thought we better look in to them a little closer. This easy-to-make clothespin bag reminds us of our grandparents’ house and camp.  Those are simpler times. When we go to Prince Edward Island, there is no dryer. Up there you don’t need a dryer! It’s so windy that our clothes dry in a few hours out on the line. Because of  your response on Facebook, it made me push Emily to make one. She’s the crafty one. Below is Emily’s instruction and design. Go Em!

I remember Gram’s Clothespin Bag well — it  was a tan corduroy.  I LOVED that thing!  Weird, I know; but, remember, I’m the “natural” sister…  Love the earth, save the environment, etc.

All you need to make your own is:

  • clothes hanger
  • fabric about 18″ x 35″ (Someone on Facebook mentioned using a t-shirt, but I think you’ll want a fabric that doesn’t stretch.)
  • fabric for binding the opening  (alternative is bias tape)
  • sewing machine and supplies

bagI used some home decorator fabric.  Heavier than cotton, lighter than canvas.  My fabric has a pattern of squares so I cut on the lines which resulted in a piece approximately 19″ x 37″.

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and cut a keyhole on one short side.  I used a piece of paper folded in half and traced a rough outline which I then cut out.  It creates a uniform shape.  The width of my keyhole is approximately 6″ at its widest point.   Finish the raw edge by binding or using bias tape. This will keep it from fraying.

bag3Next fold your fabric in half so the short ends are together and at the top as you look at it.  Now lay your clothes hanger on top of the keyhole cutout.  Trim off the sloping edges above the hanger.  Your fabric will now be taking the shape of the clothespin bag.

Fold right sides of your fabric together (so the outside is facing out) and stitch up one side, across the top (making sure your keyhole edges are included), and down the other side.  Turn right side out and insert your clothes hanger.

How to Use Your DIY Clothespin Bag


bag2Finally, wait for a sunny, breezy day and do your laundry!  I had company last night and we were talking about hanging out laundry.  He hates the stiffness of things dried on the line, as does Chris – I think; but I LOVE IT!  Any chance I can squeak out savings from the big companies, I’m a happy girl.

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Clothesline Bag

So easy to make and  a hundred ways to do it! Did you make one of these? Let’s see it!

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