DIY Celtic Headbands

Baby Celtic Headband

After making the recycled t-shirt headband, I found an even better idea for braiding Celtic Headbands!  You can read excellent directions for making them here.  The only changes I made were cutting my strips 3″ wide, and I used a sewing machine instead of hot glue to attach my ends.  Here’s a picture of my headbands using the 1″ and 3″ widths.  I’ll be giving these to my niece and great niece!

Celtic Knot Headbands

Notice how the 1″ strips made a much smaller band.  I think I’d like to make an even larger version and use two colors or a t-shirt that’s multicolored.

Oh, and did you know that after you cut strips and stretch them they will curl, or roll in, automatically?  So cool!

And here’s some cuteness to make you smile:

Baby Celtic Headband

If you missed my other headband tutorial, check out my recycled t-shirt headband.

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