Adding Chaga to My Diet – Easier Than I Thought

Chaga Tea Cup

Chaga Tea CupI’ve been seeing a lot of information lately about the health benefits of Chaga mushrooms. From everything that I’ve seen, it’s a true superfood with the ability to cure everything from the common cold to cancer. It was worth a shot. Upon learning this mushroom can be made into a tea and easily consumed that way, I figured this would be easy. At first, I was wrong. Many of the online suppliers I found offered only chunks or bags of ground chaga.

My Chaga Dilemma:

Buying chunks would mean I’d have to do the grinding myself and then find a way to brew those grounds into a tea without making a huge mess. I know Chaga is edible, but consuming the grounds seemed a bit odd to me. Same issue with buying the grounds. In either case, I could separately buy tea bags online. In my opinion, that’s just inefficient. What I really wanted was one place where I could buy grounds and tea bags all ready to brew.

ChagaMy Chaga Solution:

That’s when I found They sell tea bags already filled with the perfect amount of grounds to make a cup of tea!  They even have two flavor options: regular and chai! I love the extra spice in the Chaga chai tea, but I’m not always in the mood for it.  An easy solution to this:  I bought both the regular and chai tea bags.

I love that all I have to do is pull out a teabag, boil some water, and let it steep for a few minutes. This solution easily fits into my morning routine and doesn’t require me to put in tons of effort with grinding and filling teabags.

Even better, I know that every sip of Chaga tea I take is helping me stay healthy. If you’re considering adding Chaga mushrooms to your diet, I highly recommend

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