Frozen Candy Grapes Recipe

Green Frozen Candy Grapes with Jello coating

How to Make Frozen Candy Grapes at Home

Looking for a fun and refreshing treat to cool down during those hot summer days? Look no further than this frozen candy grapes recipe! This yummy snack is not only easy to make but also a healthier alternative to sugary frozen treats. This is the perfect treat for me. I’m the only one that likes grapes so as soon as I buy them I make these and put them in my freezer!

To make frozen candy grapes at home, all you need are some fresh grapes, a package of Jello or a bit of sugar, and a few hours in the freezer. Simply coat the grapes, pop them in the freezer, and wait for the magic to happen. The frozen grapes turn into bite-sized ice-cold candies that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your desire for a cool treat. If you like sour patch kids the Jello version of these will have you drooling!

My favorite flavors of sugar-free Jello are lime, lemon, and orange.  If you’re looking for beyond the ordinary flavors, check on Amazon.  This link will take you directly to some crazy Jello flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a guilt-free dessert or a quick and refreshing snack, frozen candy grapes are a perfect choice. They’re not only delicious but also packed with antioxidants and vitamins found in grapes.

Benefits of Frozen Candy Grapes

Frozen candy grapes offer a range of benefits that make them a fantastic treat for any occasion. To begin, they make a great low-point Weight Watchers treat. When you use sugar-free Jello, this is a zero-point snack. Indulge in a sweet snack without derailing your weight loss goals. Compared to other frozen treats, frozen candy grapes are a healthier option that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Moreover, frozen candy grapes retain all the nutritional benefits of fresh grapes. Grapes are packed with antioxidants such as resveratrol which has been linked to numerous health benefits.  Benefits include reduced inflammation and heart disease prevention. Grapes also contain essential vitamins like C and K and B. By freezing grapes, you will enjoy all these nutrients in a refreshing and delicious way.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Frozen Candy Grapes

  1. Choosing the Right Grapes for Freezing – The first step to making frozen candy grapes is selecting the right grapes. Look for grapes that are firm, plump, and free from any signs of spoilage. You can choose either green, red, or black grapes. It’s also a good idea to opt for seedless grapes. My favorite are red grapes.
  2. Preparing the Grapes for Freezing – Once you have selected your grapes, give them a good rinse under cold water to remove any dirt or residue. Pat them gently with a paper towel. Some people say to get them completely dry but I found leaving them a little moist is the best. It ensures the Jello or sugar sticks to the grapes. If you are using sugar, it might make the coating sticky and prevent the grapes from completely freezing.
  3. Adding the Coating – There are 3 different methods that I have tried.  In a shallow bowl or plate. Spread out a layer of granulated sugar. Take a small bunch of grapes and roll them in the mixture of choice.  Make sure they are evenly coated. You can also use flavored sugars or colored sanding sugars to add a touch of variety and fun to your frozen candy grapes. Place the coated grapes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. They should not be touching each other.  Use a toothpick. This is a very time-consuming way to coat the grapes. Put the coating in a bowl, take each grape with a toothpick, and drudge it through the coating to cover it thoroughly. Place on parchment paper and freeze.  Use a plastic bag. This is how I do it. Fill your Ziplock bag with grapes and dump the coating into the bag. Seal the bag, and shake until everything is coated. Place the bag on its side in the freezer.
  4. Freezing and Storing Frozen Candy Grapes – Leave the grapes in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours or until they are solid and firm to the touch. When using the Ziplock bag method it takes longer for them to freeze. But the grapes are delicious even without freezing the entire way! Once frozen, transfer the grapes to an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag for long-term storage. They can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Here’s a YouTube video of how to coat grapes using a toothpick.

Creative Variations and Toppings for the Frozen Candy Grapes Recipe

While the classic sugar coating is delicious on its own, you can get creative and experiment with different variations and toppings for your frozen candy grapes. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Chocolate-Dipped Grapes: Melt some dark or milk chocolate and dip the frozen grapes halfway into the melted chocolate. Place them back on the baking sheet and let the chocolate set/harden in the freezer. This adds a rich and decadent twist to frozen candy grapes.
  • Yogurt-Coated Grapes: Instead of sugar, roll the grapes in Greek yogurt and then freeze them. The yogurt will create a creamy and tangy coating that pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness of the grapes.
  • Nutty Delight: After coating the grapes in sugar, roll them in crushed nuts like almonds, pistachios, or peanuts. The combination of the crunchy nuts and the frozen grapes creates a delightful texture and flavor contrast.
  • Sprinkles Galore: For a fun and colorful treat, roll the grapes in a mixture of different colored sprinkles. This is especially great for kids’ parties or special occasions when you want to add a festive touch to your frozen candy grapes.

Feel free to mix and match these variations or come up with your own unique flavor combinations. The possibilities are endless!

Serving and Enjoying Frozen Candy Grapes

To serve frozen candy grapes, simply take them out of the freezer and let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes to slightly soften. This will make them easier to bite into and enhance the flavors. You can enjoy them straight from the freezer as a refreshing snack on a hot day or serve them as a dessert alongside other summer treats like ice cream or sorbet.

Frozen candy grapes are also a hit at parties and gatherings. Serve them on toothpicks or skewers for a fun and convenient way for guests to enjoy these frozen delights. You can even incorporate them into fruit salads, smoothie bowls, or cocktails for an extra burst of flavor and visual appeal.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Again, grapes are rich in antioxidants which help protect the body against free radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants play a crucial role in reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and boosting the immune system. By enjoying frozen candy grapes, you’re not only satisfying your sweet tooth but also giving your body a dose of powerful antioxidants.

Vitamins and Minerals

Frozen candy grapes are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Grapes contain vitamin C, vitamin K, and various B vitamins. These vitamins are important for maintaining a healthy immune system, promoting blood clotting, and supporting brain function. Additionally, grapes are rich in minerals like potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and copper which aids in the production of red blood cells.  Grapes for the win!


Staying hydrated is important.  Hydration is especially vital during the hot summer months. Frozen candy grapes help you stay hydrated while enjoying a delicious treat. Grapes have a high water content which contributes to your daily fluid intake and keeps you feeling refreshed. Swap out sugary drinks for frozen candy grapes, and you’ll quench your thirst without the added calories.

Even More Ideas

  • Experiment with Different Sugars – While granulated sugar is the classic choice for coating the grapes, get creative and experiment with different types of sugars. Try using powdered sugar for a lighter and sweeter coating or even sprinkle some flavored sugars like cinnamon or cocoa powder for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Add a Zesty Twist – For those who enjoy a tangy and zesty flavor, consider adding a touch of citrus to your frozen candy grapes. Before coating the grapes in sugar, roll them in freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. The citrusy tang will complement the sweetness of the grapes and add a refreshing twist to your frozen treat.
  • Mix and Match – Don’t limit yourself to just one grape variety. Experiment with different types of grapes.  Red, green, and black grapes create a colorful assortment of frozen candy grapes. The different flavors and textures will make each bite a delightful surprise.
  • Go All-Natural – If you prefer a more natural approach, skip the sugar coating altogether. Simply wash and freeze the grapes without any additional sweeteners. The natural sweetness of the grapes will shine through.  You’ll have a healthier, sugar-free version of frozen candy grapes.
  • Explore Our Site – We LOVE dessert!  If you’re looking for an indulgent recipe, try our Reese’s Brownie Toffee Delight dessert.  Yum!  And if you live in a climate where there’s snow, check out our Snowman Cake Pops.  Delish!
  • Another Healthy Dessert Option – Butterfingers that are healthy?  Yup!  Chocolate Covered Katie has a neat recipe here.

Final Tips for Making Delicious Frozen Candy Grapes at Home

Making frozen candy grapes at home is a simple and rewarding process that results in a refreshing treat bursting with flavor. Not only are they a healthier alternative to sugary frozen snacks, but they also offer a range of nutritional benefits. As we said, frozen candy grapes pack a nutritious punch.

Remember to choose high-quality grapes, ensure they are dry before adding the sugar coating, and freeze them in a single layer for even freezing. Get creative with different variations and toppings to add your own personal touch to this delightful treat.

So, the next time you’re craving a sweet and refreshing snack, reach for some fresh grapes and transform them into delicious frozen candy grapes. Your taste buds and your body will thank you!

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