DIY Turkey Pom-pom Decoration for Thanksgiving

Pom-pom turkey project
Pom-pom turkey project
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Easy DIY Turkey Pom-pom decorations for Thanksgiving are a lot of fun to make and the supplies go a long way to make several turkeys. They are perfect for little gifts for children or as a table decoration for the Thanksgiving feast! I found these on All You last year but I’m sure this year they are going to be a huge success again! I’ve adapted the directions because there page does not work the way it should. Good luck! I hope you gobble up this project like we did!

Here’s what we did:


Turkey fan, beak and wattle templates
Scalloped Scissors
Regular Scissors
Felt – orange, tan, yellow, red, and white
Fine – Medium tip black marker
Hot glue gun
2 mini black pom-poms
1 one inch brown pom-pom
Brown pipe cleaner
1 three inche pom-pom

Using a pencil, trace circles of 4 different sizes on to the orange, tan, yellow and red felt. The first circle should be 4 inches and each circle after this should be a 1/4″ inch bigger than the next to create the tail feathers that form the fan.
Using the scalloped scissors cut out circles of felt.
Using regular scissors, cut the circles in half (now you can make 2 turkeys)
Glue felt fans together. With largest piece on bottom, make sure the cut edge is flush and the ruffled part can be seen. End with smallest fan on top. Dry completely.
Next, cut two small circles of white felt for the eyes.
Glue the black mini pom-poms in the center of the white to create the pupils.
Next, cut out a “tie-shaped” piece of red felt for the wattle.
Cut out a narrow triangle of yellow felt for the beak.
Glue the red wattle to the beak with beak on top of the red wattle.
Glue the eyes and wattle/beak to the one inch brown pom-pom to create the face.
Next, glue the body pom-pom (3″) to the face pom-pom. Make sure it is not directly on the center of the pom-pom but toward the front.
Glue fans to back of body pom-pom, holding firmly as it dries.
Cut two 2″ pieces of pipe cleaner and set aside.
Cut the remaining pipe cleaner in half to get 2 long and 2 short pieces of pipe cleaner.
At about 1″ down, bend a long piece of pipe cleaner to 90°. This will create the middle toe of turkey’s foot.
Attach short piece to long by wrapping it at its middle around bend in long piece. Ends of short piece become first and third toes. Use scissors to trim toes if necessary to create uniform length. Repeat for other leg.
Glue legs to bottom of body pom-pom, allowing glue to dry completely before standing turkey up. Spread toes apart to achieve a stable base.

There you have it! These are fun to make and I’m sure no two are going to look the same so share them with us on Facebook!

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