Halloween Lollipops

Halloween Lollipops by Sisters Know Best

Tootsie Pops are a favorite treat, especially on Halloween. I always loved them when I was a kid. I remember checking the wrappers for the “Indian” because that mattered for some reason. As an adult, I’ve realized that the colorful wrappers and sweet taste make the perfect trick or treat gift on Halloween. With this adorable Halloween lollipops project, you can dress up those Tootsie Pops to really make an impression. They’re perfect for Halloween decorations or for giving to the neighborhood kids who come knocking. And they’re super easy to make.

Here’s what you need for Halloween Lollipops:

Gather up the supplies and put your crafting hat on. It’s time to get creative! Decorate the back of each spoon to look like a face. Use the google eyes and a Sharpie marker to give each Halloween Lollipops face a unique personality. I think it would be cool to make a few orange spoons look like jack-o-lanterns.  Come to think of it, why not make a black cat Halloween Lollipop?!

Cut the felt scraps to make a hat or any other clothes your spoon men and women (or veggie or animal) may need for their Halloween debut. For extra spunk, try poking a small hole in each side of the spoon to loop an “earring” through. Super cool, right?

Attach the felt clothes with glue. When dry, use ribbon to tie a Tootsie Pop to each spoon so that the bowl of the spoon wraps around the top of the Tootsie Pop. With such a cute presentation, the question won’t be “how many licks…” Instead, people will ask “how can I bear to ruin this?”

But that’s the best part! These Halloween Lollipops can be reused again and again. All that’s required to remove the Tootsie Pop is to untie or snip the ribbon holding it. With this amazing Halloween project, you and your trick-or-treaters can have their candy and eat it too. You can even replace the Tootsie Pop with another wrapped candy; but, really, who would want to do that?

Want more Halloween ideas?  Check out Sisters Know Best for tons of inspiration! We also love Ella Claire’s last-minute Halloween craft ideas.  As always, we’d love you to share your ideas with us as well!!

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