Wayward Wanderers go to… JAIL?

View from The Liberty Hotel of the Charles RiverThat’s right! You read it right –  “Wayward Wanderers go to jail!” It’s okay though because we chose to go. In fact, welcomed the idea of it! We even gave it to ourselves as a CHRISTMAS PRESENT! Gotta love a good hotels.com deal… even if it lands you in jail. LOL. Have you ever heard of The Liberty Hotel on Charles Street in Boston? It used to be a jail. Phew, you can relax now… you aren’t reading tales about criminals. The Liberty Hotel is the location of the former Charles Street Jail.

The jail was built in 1851 and had many famous inmates like Malcolm X, Sacco and Vanzetti and protesters from when President Woodrow Wilson visited Boston in 1919! There were also prisoners of war from German submarines that were housed there. In 1990, due to overcrowding the prisoners were moved to Nashua Street Jail (No, not in Nashua, NH!). And in 2007, after renovations, The Liberty Hotel was opened.

The Liberty Hotel is a 4 star luxury hotel, but it’s also fun. It’s the only place I know of where you can get a glass of wine at check in and then go eat or sleep in a jail cell! Needless to say we loved this place and hope to go back! When we stayed, we got a great deal from Hotels.com for $200. It’s normally $400 or more a night!


Wine at check in. Need I say more?

Wine at check in at The Liberty Hotel

The room “Do Not Disturb” signs at The Liberty are adorable!

Do Not Disturb sign at The Liberty Hotel

Second floor of the main part of the hotel is The Catwalk. I love the private nooks scattered around it and the Catwalk is a small bar that offers lighter fare foods and strong drinks!

The Liberty Catwalk


The Clink is a restaurant in the main part of the hotel. It offers a wide menu of fancy foods. While we didn’t eat here, it was still neat to go in and snap some photos. I think it would be a perfect place for a couple to dine but not so much for a family.

The Clink at the Liberty Hotel

One thing we noticed about staying at the Liberty Hotel is there isn’t a lot of night action going on. Charles Street is full activity but it seems to go to sleep at night. During the day all the store fronts are open, people are walking, cars are buzzing down the narrow street and it is alive. At night, at least when we were there, it was pretty quiet…. so we had to make our own fun.

Bill and Chris on Charles Street

The view from the higher floors at the Liberty Hotel are awesome because it helped us put our location in to perspective. The day before we explored Copley Square and from the top floor of the Liberty we had a great view of it as well as the Charles River. Seeing how close they all are was interesting to us. Especially when we saw how close the Charles was. When we walked the Charles River Esplanade, we thought the city was much bigger.

A view of the Charles River from Liberty Hotel

Stopping in to the Liberty Hotel is worth the trip. Even if you aren’t staying there and just stop in for a meal or a drink, you will enjoy it. And you never know who you might run in to…

We stayed there the night before the Golden Globes. And the night the Golden Globes aired on television we were sad to learn we had just missed Jennifer Lawrence of the The Hunger Games. Yup, that’s right Jennifer Lawrence was at The Liberty Hotel!

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