Travel Apps: What makes traveling easy for Wayward Wanderers

overview-hero-20090608-400x252There are no exceptions. EVERY time we travel, we use our iPhones and the apps listed here to make travel easy. Some save us time on the road and others save us money when we travel and still others give us a heads up on main attractions in the area. But they all give us peace of mind.


We use more apps than the ones listed below but these are the main ones we religiously use.

We hope they will make your traveling experiences easier in some way!


Google Maps – Google, Inc.– We use Google Maps for EVERYTHING! It’s easy to put the destination in and let Google Maps take you to your destination. If I’m talking on the phone, the computer speaks in my ear. If we miss a turn, it quickly recalculates. If we need a coffee or food, we just select that filter on the map and Google Maps shows where facilities are within the area. EASY!

Living Social – Bill drives and I browse. When we get hungry, we pull up this app to see if there are any deals nearby. It pinpoints our current location and shows us what’s around. We save so much money from this app!

Groupon – Same as Living Social but a little more detail. This one pulls up all the deals in the area but it also shows how many miles away it is from our current location.

Yelp – When there are no deals nearby through Living Social and Groupon, we pull up Yelp to find restaurants and see reviews about them. We’ve found a lot of little gems we never would have by using this app. If you are a member, you can reap discounts from time to time.

TripAdvisor – Find the main attractions in the area you are traveling. See what real people say about each attraction, click through to their website for more information and more. Sometimes my other spots for booking hotels don’t work out so we use TripAdvisor to find everything in the area.

Priceline Hotels, Flights and Cars – – A lot of times we aren’t sure where we are going to end up. When we look direct for a hotel we are surprised at how expensive they are. By using Priceline, we usually cut the price in half or more! – They make it really easy to search for hotels and offer an incentive. If you book a certain amount of nights, you earn a free night! Who doesn’t like free? It’s easy to filter your search to include pet friendly, swimming pool and a lot of other options.

Dunkin Donuts – Need I say more? This app lets you earn points toward free coffees and other perks. And when you are in a new area and can’t find a Dunks, you just click the locator button and boom, it hones in to all the DD options. Select the one you want and it opens up the Google Maps app to guide you there. Smooth!

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