Tips for Events at Gillette Stadium

imagesI’ve been to events in a lot of different places and it’s pretty much the same advice everytime but these tips for Gillette Stadium are going to help out a tremendous amount in making your trip more relaxed. I wish I looked in to it a little before I went to the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Concert.


This is what the stadium looks like BEFORE the thousands of people show up. It changes a LOT!


I hope my tips make your event stress free and more enjoyable!

Get there early!
If you have never been, it’s overwhelming at first. So many people, shops and ways to get in. Giving yourself time to look around, find your seats and take it all in will help you when the mad dash to your vehicle at the end of the night happens.

Eating at Gillette Stadium? Get there early! The food places do a great job but they are inundated with thousands of people. It takes time and you can NOT take it inside with you. I wish we knew this as we carried our food to our entrance, expecting to eat it at our seats and found out we couldn’t. We sat on the curb, downing our food as quick as possible. Either plan to eat ahead or get something inside.

Remember where you parked.
As soon as you get out of your car, look around. Don’t walk away from it and then remember to do it. We did this. Got out, started to walk toward the stadium and then remembered to orient ourselves. We were in the right vicinity but it still took us a half hour to find our car because what we remembered was about 30 feet from our vehicle.

Everyone agrees on meeting spot.
Figure out a visible point at the stadium. For us it was under the CBS Scene screen. They have a tall building and big lettering. No missing that!

Ask someone. The directory was of no help to me because I was there for the One Direction concert and seating is different than when the Patriots are there. The policeman were very helpful to us and told us exactly where to go.

Bring snacks and drinks for after. Don’t expect to get out for at least an hour. Traffic is horrendous and there is no way around it. You are going to sit. You may as well be comfortable.

Choose your lane.
When leaving parking lot 2 everyone had to go right. No exceptions. About a quarter of a mile down the road they open up the other side of the barriers to thin traffic. If you miss it, you are stuck because the barrier is cement and there are no more opportunities. The extra makeshift lane is FAST and can make a half hour to an hour difference. I wish we saw it.


These are the basics. I’m sure there are a hundred more suggestions to making an event carefree and safe. I’d love to hear them!

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