The ancient world next door…

Stonehenge is a fascination for many people and we are no different. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw a Living Social Deal for America’s Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire! And this weekend was a perfect opportunity for a day trip… or two.


10441431_683167045071936_6851165806851744719_nSaturday we planned to do a few projects around the house and then head to Salem, New Hampshire, but by the time we got around to it, and realized we were starving, we ended up going for sandwiches instead. Not just sandwiches… they are the BEST SANDWICHES we’ve ever had! We discovered Bill Cahill’s Super Subs in Hudson, NH last Fall quite by accident. Driving by on our way to one of our favorite parks, we decided to try it. The place is tiny and looks a little run down but there was always so many vehicles there… now we know why. OMG! If you are ever in the area, stop in! You won’t be sorry! Here’s a hint – chicken salad… it is heaven on Earth!




After lunch, we went to Benson’s Wild Animal Farm in Hudson, NH to take a leisurely walk and let Robbie stretch his legs. That dog was born to walk! And so were we!


Benson’s is where the theme for our weekend began. It got Sarah’s creative juices flowing and soon she had us involved also. She decided to make a video featuring the Wayward Wanderers and the Happy song. If you have a minute, please take a look. I’ve watched it a bunch of times and I still laugh every time I see it. She did a great job summing up the weekends events – HAPPY. I have to say it’s things like this that remind me how very lucky I am. There aren’t many men I know who would participate… and participate willingly… in the making of a video like this one. It was so much fun to be silly and silly together is the ideal. Even Robbie participated! Seriously, take a look




10438919_683167441738563_1515779425301635084_nBenson’s is a great place for families to go. Once a lively zoo with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), it now is a park free to the public. Some of the cages for the gorillas and elephants and other animals still stand from when it first opened to the public in 1926! Other parts, like our favorite, the Old Lady in the Shoe, have been restored. It’s such a wonderful idea to try and preserve as much as they can and give it back to the public. And every time we wander around there, I find myself wishing they would reopen in to the circus they evolved to in 1932!

This time, as we walked around, Sarah asked us why it ever closed. We laughed and said it was because people can use their iPhone’s to google about animals now, but I wonder… I wonder just how much truth that statement really has. At least on days like this one, we use our iPhones as cameras and video recorders to capture the turtles and snakes hanging in the man-made pond.


The sun did us in so we went home and did some cleaning projects at the house. Weeds, weeds, everywhere there’s weeds… not anymore! Sunday was another day…


10341980_683168001738507_6845301005857429995_nSunday we set out to Bagel Alley for the world’s best bagels. They are legendary even in Andover, Maine. Ask my sister…


And then we were off to America’s Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire! Yay! I always get excited about my Living Social Deal. It’s such an affordable way to check things out! Even Bill said he never would have looked at America’s Stonehenge if it wasn’t for my Living Social and Groupon deals.


On our way to Salem, we passed a flea market in the Londonderry/Hudson, New Hampshire area we decided to check out. We had driven by there a hundred times and it was never open. Now we know why! Saturday and Sunday all summer long. It’s pretty neat – $1 per person for adults, kids are free and you walk up and down aisles, table after table, all full of… stuff. To the eye of the beholder is what I say.


Of course we were there at high noon so it didn’t take long for all of us to wilt. There’s always next time. Next time… this seems to be said often by us. Thank God it’s because our lives are so full!


10412043_683168115071829_7800210386005645078_nThe ride to America’s Stonehenge was enjoyable in the chilly, air conditioned car. It’s strongly recommended to have Mad Libs in the back of any vehicle for trips such as these. We have ours stuck in the pocket in front of where Sarah sits. It makes time go a lot faster and for us, they are a lot of fun. The stories are always themed. This time we were focused on heat, alpacas, lawnmowers, chickens… and a few other words I won’t repeat here… “G” rated but still… 🙂




10409709_683168208405153_2439295965369942016_nAmerica’s Stonehenge was a great experience for all of us! The alpacas were extremely entertaining. I loved how each one had it’s only personality and hairstyle. We loved them so much, we visited them on the way in to the summit of Mystery Hill and on the way out.


The walk to the summit is very easy. It doesn’t compare to the real Stonehenge but it’s very interesting and impressive to think these stone chambers are unexplained. I was especially impressed with the table they believe to be a sacrificial table because of the carved out “blood paths” in the stone. Creepy…


The sacrificial table is pictured below on the left. On the right is a chamber that runs beneath and in front of the table (the grassy knoll). Inside this cave, there is a section where if you speak, it can be heard through the hole shown in front of the table. I have a hundred questions about this place but the main one is, “Why were they sacrificing?” and my second is, “WHAT were they sacrificing?” Ewww, it gives me chills just thinking about it as I write this now! I think it got all three of us thinking as we stood above it.



10488187_683169028405071_8876758231431211961_n 10462804_683168938405080_4389989620689587378_n

Hunger (as always) is what determined the end of this part of our outing. Although Bagel Alley is delicious and has a pound of cream cheese on each bagel, it had burned off. Whippersnappers is what we sought now. So we walked through the Astronomical Path pretty quick, looking at the circle of rocks that created what seemed to be a barrier from outsiders and a calendar for the days of the month. Interesting that 4,000 years ago they were trying to keep track of time and yet us three were, that day, were only being governed by our stomachs.

10417759_683187921736515_8660642508600666327_nWhippersnappers was delicious. It’s become one of our regular spots and my Steak Tips were so juicy! The Groupon Deal we had purchased covered our entire meal and even included a scrumptious desert for Sarah. Okay, okay… we had a few bites of it also…

On our way home, we started talking about picking strawberries and that is how we landed at Lull Farms in Hollis. I’m so happy we did! We picked 12 pounds of strawberries in under an hour! And the other night, we enjoyed our spoils in the form of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. OMG! We live well!


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