Stuck in the Middle With You – Middletown, RI

Carriage House Inn in Middletown, RI

It’s been a while since we’ve published on our blog. What can we say? It’s been a LONG winter and a busy one! With spring in our steps and our trip to New York approaching fast, we thought it best to get caught up on our travels. Middletown, RI is where we spent Valentine’s Day in 2015 and it was a blast. Blast of COLD AIR as we were there during one of the coldest, snowiest storms of the year. Let’s just say, we did a lot of riding around. Wouldn’t change a thing though!

Let’s face it. When you think of Rhode Island and places to stay, you think of Newport. And when I think of Newport lodging, I think dollar signs. The last two times we’ve been down in that area, we shopped around a bit and got some great deals just outside of Newport. The first time we stayed in Tiverton RI with Bill’s family. And this last time, we found a great deal on one of our sites we look through that are listed in our Resources We Use section at the top of this blog. Staying in Middletown, we spent a fraction of the cost!

Carriage House Inn in Middletown, RI

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