Stars, Stripes, and Bikes: Fourth of July in New Hampshire

10406819_10203579830311950_1411493723195920338_nWhat better place to celebrate Independence Day than the “Live Free or Die” state? . Bill and I don’t need any help in doing so but the New Hampshire state slogan DEMANDS you to live free so what else can we do? Ah, another amazing weekend for us to do our thing…

The weather convinced us to put our plans for the fourth on hold until the fifth but it didn’t rock the boat too bad with us. In fact, our 4th was one of the highlights for us as we cleaned, organized and claimed a little slice of heaven just for us. And fish. Lots and lots of fish. We bought 2 pounds of fish for our 4th of July cookout that needed to be cooked. No complaints here! Bill’s broiled haddock is to die for. And paired with steak tips, fresh salad and French fries (FRENCH FRIES!!), well, it’s better than most restaurants we’ve been to.



10533021_10203569788540912_821891001_oThe 5th came with gorgeous, comfortable New England weather. The breeze was perfect for our 3 mile walk at Mine Falls and the little bit of running around we had to do.

Once we were all set up and ready for our neighbors, we went to the cemetary for my motorcycle riding lesson! Yes, that’s right, I’m going to get my motorcycle license! Finally after more than a decade of wanting to, I’m doing it! It makes sense for some of those motorcycle trips we do like when we went Memorial Day Weekend. And I just want it. I will still be riding on the back of Bill’s bike, arms wrapped around my man, squeezing tight, but this gives more options.

The lesson went great! I got out of 1st gear and up to 3rd. I feel I could have gone higher too if there was more open road. My confidence is getting there though and I’m pretty confident I will come away from the motorcycle class with my license!


10502487_10203579831871989_8942279065614072178_nSarah came home around 4 and started working on her blog… Notes by Sarah. I’m very proud of her and find what she writes about to be very interesting. She didn’t work too long though because soon our neighbors came over and the festivities began! For the second time ever, we had a cookout on the fire pit! Bill did an awesome job at cooking. Such a great job, we decided there is no need to purchase a grill. Yum! Fish (yes, more fish!), cheeseburgers, hotdogs, salads and strawberry rhubarb pie from the strawberries we picked the weekend before.  It was a feast fit for kings!


Our decorations out back were very festive. Red, white and blue shown everywhere! Our favorite things were the Chinese lanterns Bill hung all over the yard and the lights we strung along the eaves of the house. It all looked magical as we relaxed, toasted marshmallows and enjoyed one another’s company. In fact, we were having so much fun that before we knew it, it was time for the fireworks!



10527496_10203579837792137_7950169088618745787_nNashua, NH does a great job with their fireworks display. They have them at Holman Stadium down the road from us so it’s in walking distance. It’s awesome not to fight traffic!



They know what they are doing with their display because the stadium, home of the Knights baseball team, have fireworks every Friday night. We sat in the traditional location, just behind the basketball court on a blanket big enough for us and the neighbors and we all enjoyed the fireworks right until the finale! They were very pretty. My pictures don’t do them justice. Often something like that can’t be truly captured, but if you would like to see all of my Fireworks photos and the rest from the weekend, please, Like us on Facebook!

Shortly after we got home, we parted ways. Just as well because of our plans on Sunday…



The following morning, we were up early. WAY TOO EARLY for our liking but so happy we did it. We met a group for a motorcycle ride in New Hampshire. It was a good size crew of people with 15 bikes! Twice as many as the last group motorcycle ride we went on. There’s nothing like a large group of bikes, all revving up, and riding together. It makes you feel like you are part of a club.


We all met up in Pelham, NH and rode about 200 miles that day. Some of the places we went were Profile Falls and around Newfound Lake. It was a really nice ride. My bottom got a little tender but that’s to be expected.


10509533_10203579844792312_2573663369377564300_n 10459876_10203579850552456_6067330448107919316_n

We stopped off in Contoocook, NH for lunch at the Covered Bridge Restaurant with the whole crew. The food was yummy. Cheeseburgers and Donna’s Dumplings were just what we needed to recharge!

10485309_10203579847272374_4804792721788646931_nAfter lunch, we wandered over to the covered bridge and learned it was for trains, not automobiles. As we walked through it, music drifted across to our ears. It was like the Piped Piper leading us to it… and when we got to the other side we discovered a common where an old time Dixie band was playing. We did a little dance on the front lawn to the beat of the band. Whenever I’m in the mood for romance, I just need to glance at my loving partner, and there it is. Love is what this journey is all about and to be in COMPLETE agreement surely is the best thing in life!

Contoocook is a small town. And even though we didn’t have a lot of time there, I feel we found the charm it had to offer before we wandered back to the group to part ways with them.

10464258_10203579845552331_4291784542924165819_nWe wanted to keep riding with them but at this point, we were spent. The sun, the riding, and the night before’s festivities had worn us out. We said goodbye to the group, drank in the scenery a little, and hit the road for home.

Once we were home, I was glad we left when we did. I have one word that explains: SUNBURN!!! Ouch! I did pretty good at putting block on my face but completely forgot my arms and it showed.

A nice walk at Mine Falls, a swim in the pool, and a delicious steak dinner ended our perfect Fourth of July weekend and helped us get ready for the work week to begin.

For all of our photos, see our Fourth of July album on Facebook.



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