Did someone say wedding? Vegas Baby!

We Wayward Wanderers have been wandering most of our lives. We’ve experienced a lot. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it left us questioning love… until…


And when we did, all the pieces fit together. It was right. No questions. One front. United in our common interests and our longing to love and be loved by someone, completely. Complete. That is the one word I would use to describe our lives now. Complete.

Our passion to travel and explore has been a wonderful way for us to learn about one another. Hours upon hours of car drives and airplane rides can really put a relationship to the test, but not ours. We are compatible beyond measure and the fun we have as we wander through this life is magical.

What better way to celebrate our love for one another and our love for adventure than joining together as husband and wife in the Wedding Capital of the World – Las Vegas! That’s right –


We won’t bore you with all the details (we can do that later) but here are some pictures from our trip we hope you will enjoy! And the video of the first time Bill sees me in my dress!

I broke our pictures in to categories.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos and Attractions

There is SO MUCH to do here. As Bill said it’s like Disney on steroids because of the variety. We saw so many attractions, different types of people, and interesting items. Below are the best of what we saw in the casinos and around the strip.

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Food of Las Vegas

One of our favorite things to do is try new foods and restaurants. Las Vegas is noted as one of the best places to sample! And did we ever… Out of all the places we ate, one of the best was Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke BBQ & Tavern. If you are a fan of the show Pawn Stars, then this place is right up your alley! You can eat the famous BBQ while overlooking the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop!

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Outside the City – Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon

There are places outside Las Vegas city limits? Really? What else is there to do in Vegas that isn’t on the strip? Most people don’t know. In fact, when we called the front desk of our hotel, they had to put us on hold 3 times while they searched for things to do. They do exist! Thank God Bill remembered Gerardine telling him to check out the Hoover Dam!

Below are our pictures of Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. Both are amazing! One for the man-made structures and the other for Mother Nature’s hand. If you are in Vegas and looking for places to go, these are a must!

Some pano shots that don’t like right in the slideshow:

Red Rock Canyon Nevada
Red Rock Canyon in all its glory
Hoover Dam from the Arizona side

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Weddings in Las Vegas

The moment you have all been waiting for! Here are a few images from our wedding. It was the most magical moment in my life. I know Bill feels the same. I am excited to go through the rest of my life as Christina Walsh, wandering with the love of my life…

I have to share this video, in addition to a little slideshow. I will never forget how I felt when I turned around to show him the dress we picked out. A Little White Wedding Chapel was the PERFECT decision! We will definitely be back for our renewals one day!

 [slideshow_deploy id=’1632′]

There you have it! The short version of our wedding trip to Las Vegas. If you want to see more pictures, you can see all of our wedding photos on our Facebook page. Or check out our entire Las Vegas album.

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