Pennsylvania Trifecta: Chocolate, War, and Love

11297802_10204749534324125_1912526263_nA trifecta by definition is a run of three wins or grand events. Our trip to Pennsylvania was certainly classified as this. We traveled to 3 very different areas of Pennsylvania over Memorial Day weekend and were surprised at our feelings toward each. Where we expected excitement was sleepy and what we thought would be quiet was bustling. But each place: Hershey, Gettysburg, and Lancaster County brought us to the same conclusion – we wouldn’t want to be with anyone else during Memorial Day weekend! Looking back on other Memorial Day trips, this conclusion is always the one thing that remains consistent. And why each adventure seems better than the last. We are blessed.

Our first stop was Hershey, PA. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! What isn’t to like there? We rolled in around 9:00pm Friday night and couldn’t believe how sleepy the town was! After all, it was Friday night on a long weekend but the only noise we heard was wafting through the air from Hershey Park. We were lucky to find Fenicci’s and have their famous upside down pizza. Combined with 80’s music, margaritas and Hershey kisses sitting on top of our check, it made for a perfect night!

Upside down pizza at Finucci's in Hershey PA

We loved how this picture came out and the touch of the Hershey kisses being served at the end. OF COURSE!

Hershey Kisses sitting on top of check at Finucci's in Hershey PA

The next morning we discovered the charm of Hershey. They are in the process of renovating Hershey so we are curious what will be done there. But for now, we enjoyed the touches of chocolate we saw everywhere!

Every street light is shaped as a Hershey kiss!

Street lights in Hershey PA are Hershey Kisses

And the street names are cleverly named things like Cocoa Ave and Chocolate Ave.

Chocolate Ave is a popular street in Hershey PA

Believe it or not though, these wayward wanderers did not eat one piece of chocolate or tour any of the tourist attractions while there. Instead we met an old friend and her family for breakfast. She tipped us off on a must see hotel in the sky named… of course – Hershey Hotel. Gorgeously done and understandable why a night there cost around $700. We enjoyed it as much as if we stayed there. Perhaps more.

The gardens were beautiful.

Hershey Hotel garden

And the lobby was an unexpected surprise.

Hershey Hotel Lobby


We bought a Groupon deal for the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (AACA) in Hershey, PA is a neat place to go.  They house interesting items that you can’t find anywhere else!

The bus in the movie Forest Gump can be found in the basement of the 3 story museum.

Forest Gump bus in Hershey PA

And, I’m not sure if it’s always there, but we especially liked the Hershey Kissmobile outside the car museum! Unfortunately, it’s not made out of chocolate.

Hershey Kissmobile outside The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum

Our next destination was Gettysburg, PA. This was a perfect spot to go on Memorial Day weekend and standing on the ground where thousands of men died for our freedoms was mouth dropping. A word of advice for anyone making this trip: Get the auto tour CD. They have lots of options and we went with the shorter, dramatized one. We both learned a lot and because of the CD we saw parts of the park we had missed earlier in the day on foot. GET IT!!!

Gettysburg PA Civil War Reenactment

Gorgeous perspective of the battlefield

Gettsysburg Battlefield

The oval in Historic Gettysburg is mostly as it was in 1863. The two pictures below show what it looked like in 1863 when the town swelled with army men.

Gettysburg Information

And this is what it looks like today. This was one of my favorite parts of Gettysburg, PA, realizing the buildings had been standing for so long.

Gettysburg Oval 2015

Our final destination was Lancaster County where we stayed in Bird in Hand, PA at a gorgeous B&B, Greystone Manor. Lying in bed our final morning of the trip, we could hear the clip-clop, clip-clop of horses pulling Amish buggies and were sad it was our last day. What a wonderful example of human kind the Amish demonstrate. Neither one of us knew much about their beliefs before we went to PA but by the time we came home, we had a new respect. Below are some pictures that depict what we saw in Amish Country:

It seemed like there were as many horse and buggies as there were automobiles.

Amish Country Buggy

These are some of the chickens (and the rooster) that are responsible for our eggs at the Greystone Manor B&B we stayed in. Strongly recommend staying there!

Chickens in Bird in Hand PA

The entire area is laid back in simpler times. If other cars weren’t around, this one would have made us feel we had slipped back in time.

Model T Ford

The countryside was beautiful! And because it’s mostly rolling hills, you could see for miles everywhere you looked!

PA CountrysideAnd even as laid back as it was in this sleepy town, there was fun to be had from these wanderers!

Of COURSE we had to get a picture in front of Intercourse, PA!

Wayward Wanderers in Intercourse PA

And we had so much fun at the little free petting zoo in Intercourse, PA. This was one of the highlights of our trip and we would recommend it to anyone with children. It’s conveniently located in the same parking area as Kitchen Kettle Village for those who enjoy shopping.

Lamb at Kitchen Kettle Petting ZooLama in Intercourse PABaby goat in Amish Country PA

We hated to go. We had just begun to get in the flow of things and there was still so much to see in Pennsylvania. We wish we could show you all our pictures and talk about each one on the blog but all things must come to an end, including our awesome blog posts and our trip to PA.

Sunset in Lancaster County PA

If you would like to see more of our Pennsylvania pictures, take a look at our Facebook album: Pennsylvania Trifecta: Chocolate, War and Love

Have you been to Amish Country in Pennsylvania? What was your favorite part?


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