PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 8 of 10

Sea glass found on the northern shores of Prince Edward Island

Sea glass found on the northern shores of Prince Edward IslandDay 8… oh no! The LAST day on Prince Edward Island. I’m pretty sure Bill and I both were feeling sad at this realization. However, we were also excited for a new adventure. We knew before we left we were not going to do the entire 12 hour trip in one day. On the way up we planned it to see Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine and then arrive at the camp on Saturday. For our return trip, we hadn’t yet decided what to do, but we knew it was going to be good!


So, our final day on the island brought some goodbyes to Tignish, Prince Edward Island, preparations and tidying of our stuff, and some planning for the next spot we would wander to but first the day…

We went for a walk to the run in the morning and struck the mother load of sea glass! Even Bill found a lot of it. On our way to the run we found so much, Bill had to carry it in his shorts pocket. On the way back, we filled up the other pocket. Ha ha, I’m not sure how he kept his shorts on with all those bits and pieces of glass in them. Thank goodness none of them were sharp! We were surprised when we got back to camp and realized we’d been gone for two hours! The sun burns on our bodies should have been clue enough!


Fonzie's pizza in Tignish, Prince Edward IslandAfter delicious crab wraps for lunch, we went in to town to the library to decide where to go the next day. We landed on Saint John as our destination. It was the right pick too, as you will see in our Day 9 post of our Prince Edward Island trip. We used the library computers and our Wi-Fi access on our phones to figure out just what we would do. I found a great hotel through for the Howard Johnson and Bill found destinations in Saint John with Trip Advisor.


Throughout the day I picked blueberries behind the camp and cleaned them. I’m happy to say I successfully brought back 6 cups of blueberries. I made an easy blueberry muffin recipe and froze the rest for this winter. It’s going to be nice to have a piece of PEI during those cold months.


In the afternoon, we set off for pizza. Fonzie’s was a good, and ONLY, spot around that offered pizza. We had some silly moments of me thinking Fonzie says ‘aahhhh” and Bill correcting me with the appropriate, “ayyyyy!”  Bill would have done well in that era…


How many of you watched Happy Days back in the day?

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