PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 7 of 10

10458104_10203778357355002_2607818538332110649_nBy now our trip to Prince Edward Island was starting to wind down. We were having so much fun together, visiting the sites like O’Leary Potato Museum and West Point Lighthouse but all good things must come to an end. Thursday was our second to last full day on the island and we still needed to go to Alberton! Alberton, Alberton, Alberton… all roads seem to lead to Alberton, Prince Edward Island! Or at least all the intersections we went through from North Cape to Summerside point there, and yet we hadn’t made it there.

Alberton is another one of those spots I love going to when I visit the island. There isn’t a lot there but it’s the memories, rituals, family moments I hold dear to my heart and make it a MUST see destination every time I am on the island. Thank God Bill is a good sport and is up for just about anything and everything that comes our way!


We started with a nice cup of coffee at a local diner with free Wi-Fi. It was nice to take our time there to drink our coffee, catch up on our Facebook stuff, chat with my sister a bit and relax. The owners sister worked extra hard for us to shop the gift shop there. Sorry. The art work was neat and I loved how creative they were with the sea glass projects but we just weren’t feeling it. Honestly, we were just burnt out on the souvenir, touristy aspect of PEI…


Alberton turned out to be one of our favorite spots of our trip. We walked up the small street, checked out Saunders Variety where I found an awesome wallet for my iPhone. And then on to Pridhams V&S Department Store where I gave Bill the sign in the picture above and made him hold it without knowing what it said. Perfect sign for him, right?


On our way back down the small Main Street, we took a little side walkway down an alley and found the supermarket. This made me happy because this grocery store is tucked away and I don’t think anyone besides the locals know it even exists. It makes me feel like I am one of the chosen ones… and that makes me:



10574256_10203778359355052_6202010016078761708_nOn our way to Alberton we saw a sign that said shopping this way so we felt there was more to the area we were missing. We asked around but no one knew what we were talking about. Well, no stone goes unturned by these Wayward Wanderers! We jumped in the car and drove further down Main Street to New Harbour. We weren’t missing that much really as far as shopping…  but what we found was fun, gorgeous, and interesting…


10511345_10203778360675085_6706778018094034703_nWe drove as far as we could, about 10 minutes,  and came across Milligan’s Wharf. I need to remember to ask my mother if the Milligan’s of Milligan’s Wharf are related to us or it’s completely coincidental…. We drove past until we reached a dead end where we found a private beach. We walked a little distance and then went back toward the wharf and to the Northport Pier Inn. This was a beautiful spot with a restaurant, gorgeous views off the pier, an antique shop and a museum about rescues on the sea. It even had a small playground where Bill practiced his balance on the balance beam. Great job babe, you make me proud!



At this point our bellies were growling. When we were in Alberton, the pub looked appealing to both of us. It was exactly the kind of place we like to check out and gravitate to when traveling. And with very few options around, we decided to eat at The Albert & Crown Pub & Eatery. What an awesome choice!


983770_10203778361235099_6219595893976899771_n10536919_10203778360875090_5618338669463032414_nBill ordered scallops and crab cakes (because he hadn’t yet had his fill of seafood) and I got a burger and fries. His wasn’t even on the menu but people are pretty easy going and willing to please! The pub was seeping with history and island culture on every wall and door.  And the drinks were delicious!


We had fun taking pictures of the pub, chatting about EVERYTHING the way only we can… and honestly, I think we both would have spent the afternoon there but Robbie and a walk on the beach were calling to us…

What’s your favorite part of Prince Edward Island?


To see the pictures in full, check out our album on Facebook for Alberton and New Harbour, Prince Edward Island. (Day 7)

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