PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 6 of 10

10533115_10203778337714511_6914846805982640608_nWednesday we decided to do what we were going to do on Tuesday when we ended up in Summerside and The Bottle House. We had a few destinations but they were near by. The plan was to go to O’Leary to the Potato Museum, West Point Lighthouse, Miminegash, and to find a place to picnic. I love to picnic and so does Bill… right honey?


O’Leary hasn’t changed in the near 30 years I’ve been going to Prince Edward Island. Every time I’ve gone with my mom, we hit O’Leary. They have a few spots that are special to us. There’s a little shopping area, one building but it has 3 shops in it and they haven’t changed AT ALL. There’s a pharmacy with a little bit of everything in it on the top level. We browsed the aisles for souvenirs and odds and ends Bill couldn’t live without. :)- The craft store is downstairs, where the fat quarters are. I mentioned them back on Day 2 of this trip. For those of you who’ve been wondering, they are squares of fabric… We didn’t stay long… it was never a stop I enjoyed. The last shop was the Bargain Basement. We just peaked in. It’s a smaller version of Goodwill in the states. My sister and I used to love to go there! We could get an entire garbage bag of clothes for $5… $5 Canadian and back then that was like $3 US!


10580255_10203778339634559_6510465040395646519_nFrom there, we went to The Canadian Potato Museum. It was a fun stop. We looked around the grounds at the old school house and church they moved to the property. I love how towns work hard to preserve the history… We goofed around outside for a bit, peaking through the windows of the old buildings, snapping photos of ourselves in various poses. Bill the priest AGAIN!, me the schoolmarm, both of us as telephone operators… good times! And you can see all those photos on our Facebook photo album.

When we went inside the potato museum, we found out you are supposed to pay admission to the things we had just did outside. Oops. We opted out of the tour for the potato history but did you know Prince Edward Island grows over 100 varieties of potatoes and are the largest potato-producing province in Canada? They are responsible for one-quarter of the potatoes in the country! I’m impressed!


What I was most impressed with though were the fries with gravy and cheese. OMG, SO GOOD! And way more than we expected! I swear they used the big potato from outside!


From here, we took the back road to West Point Lighthouse. On the way we saw some gorgeous views at Glenwood Pond, Cedar Dunes and a field we passed by. Below are a couple pictures of this but there are plenty more on Facebook.


Beaty reaches out of the dirt in a corn field in Prince Edward Island

Beauty reaches out of the dirt in a corn field on Prince Edward Island

Cedar Dunes, Prince Edward Island

Cedar Dunes, Prince Edward Island

Glenwood Pond, Lot 8, Prince Edward Island near O'Leary

Glenwood Pond, Lot 8, Prince Edward Island

West Point Lighthouse on Prince Edward IslandWest Point Lighthouse looks a LOT like all the other lighthouses on Prince Edward Island but you get to climb all the way to the top of this one. I can honestly say I’ve never been to the top of a light house… until now. Each level of the lighthouse has information about the history of the West Point Lighthouse and it’s keepers. I would think it a hard job, especially during storms. It was hard work for us to climb up all 5 levels!


West Point is the only lighthouse that has an inn attached to it. And it’s right on the beach. You can even stay in the tower section! I looked it up on Trip Advisor after and it’s got rave reviews for the location! It is an older place, however, so the rooms are small, but location, location, location people! And HISTORY! The lighthouse construction started in 1875 and West Point Lighthouse was the FIRST one to be built once the Confederation started for PEI. It was opened a year later in 1876.



10447738_10203778352154872_4547432410287316446_nAfter we trekked up to the top, we were hungry! We had packed a picnic in the morning and thought we would find a place in Miminegash to picnic. Haha, that’s a funny thought looking back on it now. It’s beautiful there but it’s a ghost town. Bill really wanted a coffee with his lunch so we stopped at a convenience store. It said they had a drive thru window for coffee but he wanted to go in. Probably a good thing. To the right is a picture of Bill, helping himself behind the counter of the drive thru. They are pretty laid back there in Miminegash!


One of the locals told us we could go down the road to the harbour for a place to picnic so we did. Ah, no… it looked like a great place but peeeyew ew! Sometimes that sea air isn’t so fresh smelling!


So we carried on up the road. On Prince Edward Island it is pretty easy to find a place to picnic. Basically all roads point to the ocean… it’s just a matter of finding one that my BMW can go down. And finding one that doesn’t plunge over the edge in to the ocean without warning.


I’m happy to say we found Kenny Shore Road. It was a great view of the wide open ocean as we chowed down on wraps and Ketchup potato chips. I’m not sure I could tell you how to get back there but as I said, spots like that are a dime a dozen.


Robbie with lobsters1653678_10203778356714986_2458171029365932581_nWe left there and off to Tignish Shore Fishery we went! Lobster was on our minds for the evenings feast! I’m not sure Robbie knew what to do with them but we sure did. Mmmm! I love lobster!


I, in no way, measure up to the speed of my Uncle Bob but I’m pretty darn fast when it comes to cleaning them. And I’m even faster at eating them! So delicious! And along with my potato salad… well, we both thought we’d died and gone to heaven!

What a perfect way to finish up the day… or at least the eating part of the day.


10570486_10203778354114921_6973111632669121362_nAfter we ate dinner, we decided to create a message in a bottle. (Since writing this post, our Message in a Bottle has been found!) It’s pictured to the left here. It was a basic message: “If you find this, let us know. And best of luck in life and we hope you find as much happiness and love as we have together…” We haven’t heard that it was found yet but we are hopeful.


16655_10203778355194948_6659262563068694252_nIt was a funny story actually. We decided to walk down to the beach and throw the bottle out to sea. As we walked, we spotted a gull on a rock there. Robbie did too so off he went to chase it. Bill threw the bottle in to the ocean and we walked a little ways. Haha, by the time we made it back to the beach, the bottle had washed back on to the shore. Hmmm, we needed to wait until the tide was going out obviously. What was funny about it though is later, when we got back to the states and were looking through our pictures on Facebook, it looked like Bill threw the bottle at the bird. Check it out and tell us what you think! Too funny!



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