PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 5 of 10

10460706_10203778319234049_752240367091003753_nOur trip to Charlottetown on Monday was tiring so we decided to take our time on Tuesday.  We started the day off with a healthy vegetable omelet, a long walk on the beach and viewing of Irish Moss Harvesting, also referred to just as Mossing on Prince Edward Island.


It had rained in the night and everyone on the island knows what that means… mossing the following morning! It’s a great sight to see and they always do it on our beach. There is one spot that must collect it better than most places. The picture to the left is of them getting ready to do the Irish Moss Harvesting. It’s a basic practice of hooking up a rake and wire mesh scoop to a horse and then riding the horse out in to the ocean. There are other ways to collect it (rake or hand from the shore or by boat) but this is the neatest way to see it. Irish Moss grows best in that area and comes to the surface when the waves push it up.

I bet you didn’t realize Irish Moss is used in many of our favorite things: ice cream, chocolate milk, salad dressings, sherbet, flavourings, confectionery, beer or use insect sprays, water based paints, shampoos, toothpaste or cosmetics. The ingredient is carrageenan, a starch-like substance extracted from Irish moss. It is used as a food additive to stabilize processed foods. Interesting stuff, I know!


My plan had been to take Bill to Miminegash, to the Seaweed Pie Café but it’s closed this year. Oh well, there is always next time. I think it’s the only thing in Miminegash…


When we got back from the walk, we had a visit from one of my mom’s cousins. So many of my relatives vacation on Prince Edward Island and have for years. It was nice to see them as we are friends on Facebook. Plus, they told us about the seafood truck in the center of town. FRESH, FRESH, FRESH seafood and it was a little cheaper than the fishery. So we set out to get salmon and haddock for our meal that evening.


10477384_10203778322034119_5094359871534827238_nSince we were out, we took a spin to Haven Park at Tignish  Shore to get an ice cream. While we were there we checked out the Big Tignish Lighthouse and played on the playground there. The lighthouse originally was erected in 1881 and was located at the run to guide fisherman home and through the opening of Tignish River.  When it was decommissioned it was moved to it’s location by the community to be preserved.


The ice cream shack there only served hard serve ice cream so we set off to find soft serve. Our plan to stay close to camp that day went out the window when Scooters, the ice cream place we both remembered turned out to be just outside of Summerside an hour away.


At first we were frustrated that we couldn’t find the ice cream place. It was a LOT further than we remembered it to be. But we both have found, more often than not, those type of moments lead to something better. Something we may have missed otherwise. And of course, this time was no different. The pictures below are Bill and I, eating ice cream. It was such a fun stop. I never realized how big and tough Bill is compared to me but here’s the proof… he he, Big Boy!

10559777_10203778322674135_7856353113040197764_n 10370799_10203778322954142_107632373347656155_n

Since we were so close to Summerside, we decided we should just go the distance. I’m really glad we did.  They have a beautiful water front there. This place left us a little sad though. We might have missed something but we really felt we checked out all they had to offer and it just wasn’t much.

1896992_10203778323834164_7789299998753242503_nWe went to the fox museum to prove it was PEI’s leading industry. Sadly, I was wrong about that fact. I was looking forward to a “told you so” moment with one of Bill’s friends but while there we learned it USED to be the # 1 industry. Now, of course, it’s potatoes.

10411773_10203778325354202_6390465487572466385_nWe went to Spinnacker’s Landing where they have a few shops on the pier. It looked like a neat spot and could have tons of potential… could. They did have a wonderful view! The picture to the right is what we saw from the pier.

The highlight of Summerside for us was Bill’s deal on shorts. Love a good bargain!!

What we did AFTER this stop was awesome though! Bill was a little skeptical at first. I could tell he wasn’t looking forward to going to The Bottle Houses. It doesn’t sound that great but when I saw it on Trip Advisor, it looked like it was worth checking out. I’m so glad I took the time to look before we went on our trip. And Bill was too.

The Bottle Houses in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island were started by Edouard Arsenault in 1980 from recycled bottles. He built 3 buildings using over 25,000 recycled bottles. He would spend his winters cleaning the bottles and getting them ready. It took him until 1984 to complete all three: the chapel, another building, and the tavern. After he passed away, his son took over the business of it being a tourist attraction. I’ve never seen anything like it! I would recommend this stop as a must do while on the island!


For more pictures of Tignish Lighthouse, Summerside, and The Bottle Houses, look at our Facebook page. It’s all there!

This was a great way to finish up our wandering. We made our way back home to Robbie anxiously waiting for a walk, our yummy fish, and wine!

The next day we were hitting some of my favorite places: O’Leary and the Potato Museum!

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