PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 4 of 10

995627_10203778300273575_2037837984081006456_nNormally we only have a couple days to travel. We leave Friday after work and return Sunday evening. We pack so much in it feels like we were gone for a long time, like when we went on our motorcycle trip through New England or when we went up the coast of Maine for our anniversary. So you can imagine how much we did with 10 days to check things out and an untouched providence by the Wayward Wanderers! Only Monday and the vacation was really just getting going at this point… If you missed Day 1 when we saw Stephen King’s house, Day 2 when we discovered Shediac Bay or Day 3 our first complete day on Prince Edward Island check them out to get up to speed! It’s not necessary but you may find them enjoyable as well…



So Monday. We started the day with blueberry pancakes of course! Yum, yum, yum! You just can’t go wrong with Prince Edward Island blueberries and Aunt Diane & Uncle Bob’s Sabina Farm’s Maple Syrup! It’s some of the best and I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to have it free while at the A-Frame.


Every morning, while in Prince Edward Island, we walked the beach. It’s RIGHT THERE, calling to you… This morning we walked all the way to the run and back. It’s only 4 miles roundtrip but that’s a lot in the sand!  I’ve only done it one other time that I recall and that was about 4 years ago with my nieces and nephews and mother. It’s a lot of fun! With Bill, it was even better! My best friend, partner, and lover all rolled in to one makes for the perfect match with just about any activity! We scoured the beach for sea glass. Poor Bill, I’m sorry to confess to our public honey, just wasn’t good at it AT ALL. LOL, but he tried and tried and tried… I, on the other hand, have the eye for it!


The walk took a couple hours and we had the sunburn to prove it! We decided to hold off going to Tignish Shore and stick to the car the rest of the day. We had plans to go to Charlottetown! It’s a couple hours from the camp and I’d never been. It’s the busiest city on Prince Edward Island. But… the ride to it is the same as anywhere on the island. Farm land, ocean, gorgeous views…


Our lunch stop was a lot of fun. We ate at Boomburgers! If you haven’t had it before it’s a lot like Five Guys. If you haven’t had Five Guys Burgers before, they are a high quality burger place. These were delicious! And they had free Wi-Fi so we were psyched!


Also at this stop were a few other shops like Anne of Green Gable Chocolates where you can watch them make some of their tasty treats and try samples for free.


The Cow Creamery is there and they offer tours where you can learn how they make ice cream but we didn’t do that. We did get a few fun photos there though. Below are a few of them. If you want to see them all (and I think they are worth it!), check them out in our Facebook album.

10553351_10203778302593633_1895832380584643108_n  10375130_10203778303433654_1953886195229149691_n10580032_10203778302033619_5580689952994992306_n


With bellies full and our hearts light from playing around at this stop, we went on to Charlottetown.


Charlottetown is a great city. We put money in the meter and gave ourselves 2 hours to do the mad dash tour. We could have stayed longer at each place but it was just the right amount for our small attention span that day. 🙂


10414404_10203778305953717_1948861550286017194_nFirst stop was the “BIG 1864” that represents the 1864 Charlottetown Conference or the Birthplace of the Confederation. Yes, this is when Canada began the idea of splitting away from the Queen. It’s a serious matter as you can tell from my boyfriend peaking out of the “8”. Can you spot him?


We went in to the Province House (the side of it can be seen behind the 1864) where the meeting took place. It was built in 1843 and the floor is warped with the granite slabs they used. It was built by islanders. They obviously did a great job since it’s still standing but it must have been COLD in the winter months!



Just outside the doors of the Province House, we spotted people wandering around in colonial clothing. I had two thoughts: 1) What a great way to get you in to the spirit of their history and 2) What a cool job!

10426588_10203778306273725_7625805583204667801_n 425981_10203778306753737_4664930227480304393_n


10413314_10203778311713861_2990974943639118826_nWe followed the couple down to the water and the shops there. Typical souvenirs: shirts, lighthouses, lobster, dirt and sea glass crafts… still it was fun to check it all out and we both found some really good deals!


Our time on the meter was running out so we started back. I’m so happy we walked a different route to the car because we wouldn’t have seen Victoria Row. We read about it on Trip Advisor and it looked like a neat spot to see. It’s a street blocked off from traffic with food, bars, bands, seating… you get the idea. We had fun at the entrance of it with the “Before I die…” board. We both wrote messages but we’ll keep it secret… sorry. I can’t reveal everything… but I’m pretty sure both will happen. 😉



Directly across the street from the sign was a bench. I had a nice conversation, flirting session is more like it, with a gentleman there. We are pictured to the right here. The whole thing was kinda weird though. I tried my hardest to get him to smile, but nothing. He didn’t even respond to me. Not even once! He just stared at me, unmoving, like a statue…


Oh well, I was okay with it and realized it was just as well. Bill is all the man I need and then some! And Bill isn’t rigid like this guy was…



1653570_10203778317314001_3939065535298351633_nOn our way back, we stopped at the PEI Brewing Company for a tour. We’ve done a brew pub tour in Maine that was a great time because it was part of a bus tour and we went to several place. This tour was fun but just of the one facility. My favorite part of this stop was the way it was decorated. The bar and seating area were comfy with couches and chairs scattered around. And you guessed it, we have all the pictures on Facebook!


We made our way back to the car, made the 2 hour trek back to the A-frame, had yummy chicken and vegetables and collapsed. We still weren’t caught up on sleep from the journey here…


And we still had more to do on Day 5.




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