PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 3 of 10

10574391_700284000026907_4259173749728854258_nSunday was a laid back day for us and one of my favorite of the entire trip. It’s funny how some of the simplest things turn in to the most meaningful and memorable. Don’t get me wrong, the entire trip was awesome! But Sunday, our first complete day on the island, was perfect for these two love birds!


It started with a nice long walk on the beach. Robbie, normally constrained to a leash, explored FULL FORCE. Up and down the sandy beach, in and out of caves… the one thing he stayed away from was the water. But by the end of the trip he was in and out of the water like a true islander, crazy dog!

After the walk, we went exploring at my mom’s camp in Kildare Cape. It’s only about 10 minutes from Anglo Tignish and just as nice. Her beach is smaller though as the cliffs come out to meet the water and there is no passing unless you want to get wet. And we didn’t… even though my foot got wet trying to get “the best shot”.  Below are some pictures of the morning:


Robbie on the ocean shore along Anglo Tignish, Prince Edward Island
Robbie regal and ready!
Wheat field in Kildare Cape, Prince Edward Island
Wheat field in Kildare Cape, PEI


From mom’s we went to North Cape, the most northern part of Prince Edward Island. It’s one of my favorite places to go. And there is a variety of things to check out.

North Cape is home to a wind farm. There are 16 of them there. When I was a child things were different. There were no wind turbines and Elephant Rock (natural erosion left a mass of land that looked like an elephant) still existed. But, I realize, times are changing and we need to find other ways to fuel our existence. . In the past, PEI got 100% of their electricity from the main land, through pipe under the water. Now, with wind farms throughout the island, they do not need to rely as much on the main land. I get it, but still, it’s tough to see them splashed over natural beauty and a place I loved because of it’s simplicity.


10570473_700283500026957_3838813816885612474_nThe reason I’ve always liked going to North Cape was the natural reef the coming together of Northumberland Strait and the St. Lawrence creates. I’ve yet to walk out on it. Timing of the tides has never been in my favor but I’ve heard you can go a couple miles out when it’s low tide.


We were able to walk on the shore there though and we found hundreds of tiny cairns. According to my sister that is what the piles of rocks people create are called. I’ve never heard of it myself and Bill was surprised too… They are pictured to the right. What would you call them?


I’ve never seen so many in one location! We saw cairns when we went up Mount Washington but not like this.


So, as I said, things are a little different now at North Cape. The little museum has always been there with their little gift shop. The lighthouse has always been but a while back they added the Wind and Reef Restaurant. What better place to eat? We had a view by the window and could see the lighthouse and ocean. Almost every table looks out at the ocean. The prices were reasonable and the food was good for a lunch selection. Their French fries were tasty, the Pina Colada hit the spot, and my belly was full when I left!


10570536_700283670026940_7359783772238180069_n10603564_700283793360261_2064167615886145796_nOn our way back from North Cape, we stopped at Seacow Pond and the Quiet Place for a couple photos. It was a great stop and for me the Quiet Place was awesome! The door was wide open and inviting. PEI is trusting, the way the whole world should be!Ahhh, how times have changed. But here, they’re still innocent!





We went in to the town of Tignish in search of potatoes. Ha, ha, that’s not a tough feat. Everyone is selling them, but it was Sunday. We landed at Eugene’s General Store where we got a tiny bag of potatoes. I only tell you this because Bill was impressed how far I made the bag of potatoes go. We had them with almost every meal and it was a small bag. This girl knows how to get the most out of things! (Check out Sisters Know Best for some recipes, reviews and other helpful info)


1908369_700283833360257_569857824736541177_nThe fact about Tignish, PEI, settled in 1779, is it is a small town but they have everything they need.


We found the library and because it was closed, we sat outside, on the ground to access their Wi-Fi. Yes, diehards. I’m sure there are a lot of people that come to the library to use their Wi-Fi. The coverage is iffy, especially for phones from the U.S. so we made the best of it by finding free Wi-Fi whenever we were out. Sitting outside here, on the ground no less, was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I just love spending time with the one I love!


We explored Tignish’s church, St. Simon and St. Jude, one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever been inside. Mom said she’s been it but I never had. I may not have appreciated before now…


10314565_700283946693579_5647294915211057271_nThe grounds to the side of the church were a lot of fun for us. Pictured to the right is Bill, the giant, taking over the church. Haha, this is a theme for the day because next we took a ride to the Tignish Fisheries to see what the prices were on lobster and other seafood. There he found another thing to tower over… my man, so big and tough!


The fishery is a neat place to go. There’s not a lot to see inside the shop but they do have seafood! I was shocked lobster was $6.50 per pound, more expensive than I had seen it the previous week in Nashua… Oh well, what are you going to do? When on the island, you HAVE to have seafood… but not this day.


10590591_700283960026911_7601733863802646438_nInstead, we took pictures, started to walk to the run but decided that was for another day and headed back to the A-frame. We’d been going pretty steady since we left the house on Day 1 and needed to relax.


We got back and enjoyed the evening together.


Out back of our camp are tons of blueberries! TONS. So we spent a little time picking them for breakfast the following morning. We found a blue towel, plunked it and our butts down and picked. It didn’t take us very long at all. But now I have visions of my blueberry muffin recipe in my head… mmmm!


We had a delicious meal of steak tips and a packet made from potatoes and other veggies and then sat on the beach for a while.


10574362_700284140026893_714778335283184244_nA couple girls came down to the beach to go swimming and Robbie went with them. It’s so relaxed there that we just watched him go. After a while, the girls came running back with him to get him to return to us. Their dog decided to come with him. The picture isn’t the best  quality but it made us laugh so much, we have to share it. You have to understand. Robbie is always leashed so to see him making friends and kicking up the sand is somewhat a priceless moment for those who know him. He never thought twice.




It was a perfect day and a perfect end so we finished up at the beach… climbed the stairs… and ahhh…


We were home.10592998_700284170026890_6721531329892807062_n

Day 4 was approaching and with it, even more excitement! Woo hoo! I love this life!

If you missed the story abut Day 1 or Day 2, check them out by clicking on Day 1 or Day 2.

To see all of our Facebook photos from Day 3, check them out here!







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