PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island Day 2 of 10

Chris in Shediac, NB Saturday arrived very early for us! We couldn’t wait to leave Bangor, Stephen King’s house and the states behind us! We were on our way to Prince Edward Island and still had many hours, miles, and things to see before we got there! My grandparent’s A-frame in Anglo Tignish, Prince Edward Island was open to us starting on Saturday and I was anxious for Bill to see it so we got on the road as soon as possible.


Coffee from Dunkin Donuts… our last one for over a week no less ( 🙁 ) was all we needed to get us going.


We took Robbie for a little walk around the hotel parking lot where he was in heaven! Dogs stayed for free at this hotel and so there were plenty! And with them, plenty of “Dog-booking” as Bill calls it. Once Robbie’s curiosity was met and we took a few pictures (always pictures!), we were off!



In my opinion, the worst part of the trip is between Bangor and Calais, Maine. There is only one way to get there and that’s on Route 9 or what some refer to as the Airline Road. Ugh… long and boring! Since I’d been going to PEI almost my entire life, I’d learned a few tricks from my mom. One of them was to stop at the Irving at the end of Route 9 to gas up and have breakfast before crossing the border. Ha ha, yes there IS a restaurant there for breakfast Bill and we will not be getting a Snickers… I thought you knew me by now. 🙂


We had a yummy breakfast, gassed up and crossed over the border without major issue. The only issue we did encounter is with our iPhone’s in Canada. Bill’s had roaming data which is expensive and my phone had no options. Straight Talk is awesome but only while I’m in the states! Otherwise, my iPhone is just an expensive camera. We were able to get wifi, hook to Google Maps and get our directions but the voice for directions was muted with no alert to turn and if you went the wrong way it wouldn’t reroute. By the end of the trip we developed a great system but in the beginning it was a little confusing. Luckily, it’s a straight shot from Maine to PEI. The road has improved so much since I was a child and we made great time!


At lunch, we decided to get off the highway and find a nice place to have a picnic and let Robbie stretch his legs…


10482858_10203778274472930_1292783736929973085_nWe got off at the Shediac exit and went straight to a park that seemed like it would be nice. It turned out to be $8 per person so we turned around. We were getting a little frustrated because we were hungry, in a strange place and our Google Maps had the glitch I mentioned above…


We decided to just pull over at a gas station to eat when I noticed a sign for a wharf that looked interesting. Bill, always optimistic, took the turn and there it was! The COOLEST little wharf area I’ve ever been to. $2 to park, Robbie was allowed on a leash, public bathrooms, Wi-Fi and gorgeous views! PERFECT.



10269487_10203778275432954_1445880485047323241_nThe yummy wraps I made in the hotel room that morning were scrumptious as we sat and drank in the scene on Pointe-du-Chene Wharf. It’s tiny one way street is lined with a few shops like the one pictured at the beginning of this post and a couple bars/restaurants. The wharf itself had many people fishing, sight seeing and diving. We were both impressed with them jumping fearlessly in to the water. My description doesn’t do it justice like the novel Night Over Water by Ken Follett does. It’s worth the stop, even when you are on your way to another destination.


We would have stayed longer but PEI was calling us. We loaded Robbie back in the car and hit the road. Next stop: Confederation Bridge!


When I first started going to Prince Edward Island, we took a ferry to the island. But after 4 years of construction, the bridge opened in 1997. It’s MASSIVE to put it blunt. 8 miles long and over 130 feet above water, it’s… as I said… massive. Once it was constructed I rode over it, but I had never stopped and took it all in the way Bill wanted to. I’m thankful for him and the things I see that otherwise I might miss if it wasn’t for his inquisitive nature.


If you ever go to PEI, take the exit to the information booth just before it. It’s an amazing view!



The ride over to the island was foggy. But as we neared the island, we could see hints of red beach. We rolled the windows down and that ocean breeze tickled our nostrils. Just the beginning and already we were engulfed with knowledge, experiences, excitement…


We stopped briefly at Gateway Village, just over the bridge to get our visitor guide and look for coupons for a free fat quarter for my mom. Don’t ask either of us what it is. We never found the coupon for it but it’s something related to quilting.


We arrived to the A-frame at about 8:00pm that night, an hour difference to our advantage. We strolled on the beach, snapped some pictures you can view in Wayward Wanderers Facebook Album, and rested. After all, the real vacation was just getting started as Sunday would be  Day 3 of 10 of our PEI: Canada’s Timeless Island adventure.


If you missed our tale of the first day, you can see it here.


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