One Night with Queen…and still wanted more

Portion of a murel behind one of the bars at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Gary Mullen is undoubtedly one of the best performers I’ve ever watched. Bill and I have been to quite a few concerts together and they have been a big variety. From the J Geils & Bob Segar at TD Garden in Boston to the Boston House of Blues where we saw Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler, we’ve enjoyed them all but this venue was one of my favorite!

The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has been in existence since before 1900 and has seen many eras through it’s days. Below is its history according to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom History page:

Casino Ballroom: 1900-1920
The Big Band Era: 1940-1960
The introduction of Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Casino is born: 1960-1980
Club Casino is born: 1980-1990
Back to the beginning: 1990-2000
Present Day: 2000-Present

There was so much culture and history in this building that I wish we had been then earlier with the lights on. Most of pictures didn’t come out because of the dark setting. This one is a portion of a mural behind one of the bars.

Who do you recognize?

Portion of a mural behind one of the bars at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Bill got amazing seats for us. In the front row we were able to get some awesome pictures and videos of Gary Mullen and the rest of the band as they performed some of Queen’s greatest hits!


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