Oceanfront Camping in Maine

Recompence Campground Oceanfront Campsite

Wayward Wanderers Camping in Freeport MaineOceanfront camping in Freeport Maine is just what our family needed this summer. We were nestled in to our cozy campsite with our easy set up tent, removed from the hustle and bustle of every day living and for the most part were away from the annoying cell phones that seem to penetrate our perfect bubble at the most inopportune moments. Ahhhhh, the setting was absolutely magical with the ocean views, wildlife and smells of outdoor living wafting around! Even the little bit of rain we experienced the first evening added to the excitement of camping and had us laughing! Removed from society, we were able to focus on what matters most: each other… and marshmallows of course! 🙂 The Recompence Shore Campground on the Wolfe Neck Farm land in Freeport, Maine offers the best of everything if you love the outdoors like we do! It’s got location, amenities, and activities galore!


Recompence Shore Campground is in a perfect location in the Casco Bay area of Freeport Maine. It’s about 10 minutes from the busy downtown outlet shopping area in the downtown of Freeport but it feels very removed from all of it. Many of the sites are on the water or nearby.Recompence Campground Oceanfront Campsite


The hot showers were a great welcome to us! I went in the mornings around 7am and Bill would go in the afternoon. We never had to wait and they were always clean and hot! The camp store offers a large variety of items you may forget like toothpaste, matches, milk, and marshmallows!

Cheeseburgers and baked beans


  1. Bicycle, canoe & kayak rentals – Reasonable rates for half day, full day and hourly. If you are canoeing or kayaking, check in on the times. It will vary due to the tide. Trust us, you don’t want to be out when it’s low tide. It’s like a stopper in the bath tub has been pulled.
  2. Petting zoo – It’s a small area but great for all ages and FREE! We really enjoyed the cute baby goats, calf and piglets! Because it’s on a farm, they also have cows grazing in the field and sheep out to pasture.
  3. Hiking Trails – There are a few trails in the area. Here’s the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Trail Map. We only did the Farm Trail around the camping area but it was very nice and easy to do.

We were able to purchase a Groupon deal for our camping trip but even without it, Wolfe’s Neck Recompence Campground has affordable rates. Below are some of our photos. For the rest… you know the drill, head on over to Facebook!

Starting our campfire at Recompence Campground
A little rain did not deter us from starting our campfire! So happy Bill brought the beach umbrella!
Image illusions
Nosy cow in Freeport Maine
This cow was very nosy!
Ladybug love
Ladybug love. Nature.
Chipmunk eating graham crackers
Chipmunk enjoying our leftover graham crackers.
Purple flower pictures
One of my best pictures of flowers from the weekend.
Kayaking on Casco Bay
Kayaking on Casco Bay. Ahhhhh
Bill Walsh and Christina Gammon admiring Casco Bay
Taking a break from kayaking, we admired the views all around us.
Bill Walsh taking a nap
Camping is fun but tiring!

Where is your favorite place to camp? Have any advice?

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