Mystic Moments: Mystic, Connecticut & Mohegan Sun

998446_10201218165751812_1220533662_nHave you seen the movie Mystic Pizza? If you were born before 1980, then the answer is probably yes! It’s one of those timeless movies and when Bill told me we were going to Mystic, Connecticut where it was filmed, I felt like I struck gold! For those of you who need a reminder, Mystic Pizza had an awesome cast including Julia Roberts. Growing up in the middle of no where I haven’t seen a lot of places, especially famous places.


To top off this fairytale, we were going to Mohegan Sun for the night after! Wowza, this guy really was trying to knock me off my feet. Little did he know I was already off them a long time before this…

1098251_10201218169391903_2082453709_nMystic, Connecticut is a quaint but busy New England town. We had such a fun time wandering the streets, eating pizza at Mystic Pizza and soaking up the sun.


We walked up the hill to the church at the top of the street and down the other side. There were shops and people galore. The normal population of less than 5,000 people is definitely larger during the summer with busses and tourists like us. And for such a small place, there was a lot to see but to be honest, I was caught in the moment of being with this amazing man so I really would like to go back one day and properly take it in.


You can see all our pictures on our Facebook album but here are some interesting images we captured:

577223_10201218171591958_2021931675_n  999572_10201218175952067_147875183_n

Us reflected in the mirror on the drawbridge in Mystic and a little boat going under the big drawbridge on the Mystic River.


We went to a few stores, the art gallery to view some beautiful paintings that I was afraid to touch. That would have been priceless to break a $1000 or more painting…



Mohegan Sun was our main destination so we only spent a little time in Mystic. Bill got a great deal from Living Social for a stay at Mohegan Sun and check in was approaching. I was blown away by how fancy the inside of the casino was and just how many shops they had inside! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised!


We checked in to our room and our mouths dropped. Neither of us had been in a room as nice as this one! We had a living room, bedroom, TWO bathrooms and a spa bathtub. Terry cloth bathrobes were hung in the closet and a full bar in the living room! Wow, just blown away…

Our view from the 10th floor was awesome of the river and the countryside. We could see for miles and miles!


We couldn’t wait to explore!


1098319_10201218182352227_1531856536_nThere was so much to see but I think we would both agree the outdoor swimming pool area was the best. They had fire pits, lounge chairs, and cabana tents all on top of the roof a couple stories up. We enjoyed a drink at the bar there and chatted while lounging around. It’s all just really good!


We wandered around to the different shops and looked at the different bars and food spots. We lost all track of time but that’s the trick to casinos. Black out the windows, turn your attention indoors and KEEP YOU THERE.


I loved how each section of Mohegan Sun gave in to a different theme to catch the interest of just about anyone. I say just about anyone because we didn’t gamble so our focus remained on each other.


954760_10201218189632409_1447352356_nOur favorite bar was VISTA Lounge at Wombi Rock. It feels like you are sitting outside under the stars. Privacy is offered from different cave like nooks and a variety of seating like the couch we are on to the right. It was so much fun!


Before we knew it, we were tired and hungry! We got some appetizing food at one of the many restaurants. Potato salad and ribs were delicious and hit the spot!

The next morning we woke up slow in our room and had a cup of coffee. Ha ha, the picture of us to the left is of us sporting our terry cloth robes and sipping our yummy coffee… ah, the life of the rich and famous…


68096_10201218193232499_2122624637_nWe enjoyed breakfast at Todd English’s Tuscany. We were surprised it was open for breakfast. What a way to start the day! Breakfast with the sounds of the waterfall next to us and excellent service.

We used the $25 gambling credit we got from Living Social in about an hour and then it was time to check out.


Now what?


We were going to the Conneticut Maritime Museum but discovered it was closed that day. So we pulled out our handy dandy Garmin GPS to see what else was in the area. I noticed a state park near by and suggested we check it out. We were both overly pleased by the find. It was the Fort Griswald Battlefield in Groton, CT. What a beautiful spot and dedication to our country’s history.


995153_10201218204352777_1074749928_nFort Griswold Battlefield is well known for the massacre that occurred there on September 6, 1781 by British forces commanded by Benedict Arnold. 88 of the 165 soldiers died that day. It’s hard to picture such a bloody scene with the gorgeous grounds that remain there now. Plush grassy hillside overlooks the water. And the buildings that still remain are in excellent condition for being so old. It’s a great place for a picnic!


We took a lot of pictures there so to see them all, check out our Facebook page!


996555_10201218206392828_789681108_nNeither Bill nor I had ever seen a Shot Furnace before (pictured to the left). They were used to heat cannon balls. The cannon balls then were launched to catch wooden ships on fire. I didn’t realize all the effort that went in to war back then. It saddens me to know how much effort STILL goes in to war. So much time wasted.


After exploring here, we went in to an old library that is at the entrance to the park. It’s such a neat little area! The houses lining the streets looked like they should be in California, not Connecticut. The library used to be an old school that was renovated. We used their restroom and went on our way to find some lunch.



We got detoured and because of this we happened upon a lobster roll truck. It was funny to see an ice cream truck selling lobster rolls. Of course we had to try them! We got a couple and found a nice park on the water to enjoy them before heading back.

All in all, it was a perfect date. I can’t wait to see where else this romance brings us!



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