Mother’s Day Weekend 2014: Maine, where the buffalo roam

10352783_10203164044397562_7207941384613837108_nI LOVE GOING HOME! I love Nashua and the life I’m living with Bill, but there’s nothing like going home! I know most people can relate…


Mother’s Day weekend was a perfect time to go home. Not only was it Mother’s Day on Sunday, it was also my father’s birthday.


One of the special things about where I live is buffalo. That’s right! We have buffalo in our backyard. My dad went out west years ago and liked how they looked so he thought he would buy a herd of buffalo to enjoy at home. The picture on the left is of one of the babies and it’s momma we saw on this particular trip home.

10345932_10203164040477464_7062688219473739437_nTo celebrate my mother, the entire family on Saturday night went to the Far East Chinese restaurant in Mexico, Maine. YUM, YUM, YUM! For a small town, they have their Chinese food mastered! And their Volcano bowls too. 🙂 Yes, my mother knew we were drinking… in fact, she is the one who took the picture on the right. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed all 25 people, give or take a couple, at our table! It’s hard to believe my family is so big now. And I actually have great nieces and nephews. Where does the time go?





72102_10203164051437738_3758114592700324478_nAfter Chinese, Bill and I went to my Dad’s grave to bring his birthday present to him (a solar powered lantern and a wind chime). I think it was the perfect thing to do… and I’m so thankful to have Bill by my side in times like that.


After this, us kids (ha, it’s funny, we are all in our 40’s now but forever referred to as kids) and spouses and some of the nieces went back to the house for a fire. It’s a magical place and truly how life should be. The backyard opens up to a gorgeous view of mountains and fields, my brother’s house in the distance… The sunset was spectacular that particular evening. Photos can’t do it justice but we have some of the sunset, fire, buffalo and the rest of our trip on our Facebook page.


Unfortunately, our time home was short lived. We stayed up pretty late with everyone but were tired from the ride up and the festivities. All that good Maine air had done us in and we wanted to be rested for our little adventure the next morning…



When we woke the next morning, we went to breakfast at The Little Red Hen Diner & Bakery in Andover, Maine. It’s one of our favorite places to eat and we go there almost every time we are in the area. This time was special. I got a beautiful plant from the owner’s daughters. Every woman got one that day… but it made me feel special.


10313823_10203164048557666_2333395537447460540_nAfter this, we went to see mom again for a few minutes before she went to church. And then we met half the family again to go to Devil’s Den in South Arm. I’ve been there a few times throughout the years. I’ve seen it at all times of the year but this time we had a surprise! There was still ice in the bottom of the den! My niece does a lot of geocaching in the Andover area and there is one at Devil’s Den. We think it was probably under the ice still though and couldn’t find. I’m sure she will back to scope it out this summer! I hope we will be with her!



We hiked up and out of the den (a 2 minute walk really) and at this point, we broke off from the group. We needed to get back to New Hampshire and had a three hour ride ahead of us. Plus, I had a secret spot to show Bill. I was sad to say goodbye to the family. I loved going on the little adventure with them and having our time the night before but…




I can’t tell you the location of where we went next but I can tell you it was romantic and well worth the little walk we took. I know Bill agrees. Some places are meant to be left to nature but I will share a picture with you:





You can see now why I kept it a secret, can’t you?









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